Booking 2 rooms...will they be side by side?


Hello everyone! Here’s my latest family vacation issue:laugh:
We will be staying at POR in June. My sister in-law will also be going with her large family. I booked her 2 rooms, but I’m wondering, what are the chances they will be side by side? It’s become a big issue w/ her:closedeye
Also I booked threw AAA, and I did ask the agent if she could please request close rooms, but she didn’t seem to confident it would happen.
I’m sure a lot of people ask for this, does it ever happen?


I always make a reservation for 2 rooms, and ask for adjoining… never been a problem for us… We go at different times too- June, October, March, December, and we stay at mods or deluxe…


Yay! Thanks that’s one less thing to think/worry about!


Just ask for adjoining and they will most likely accommodate you!


I dont think the rooms are actually assigned until check in, so just ask for adjoining when you get there- I am sure it’s not going to be a problem.


Last time we went we requsted joining rooms or rooms side by side. The CM said they could not promise anything. I informed them it would be my DSinlaw and DN in one room and us in the other. Her response was sorry… When we checked in I requested joining rooms again and it was no problem.


I went last December and stayed at Pop, had adjoining rooms for 3 adults and 5 kids. It worked out great and I had no problem. I just called the resort a few days before and requested it


Once you get to the online check in time (10 days) you can request it. Of course request are not guaranteed but they will certainly do their best to accomidate you.


We always need two rooms and we always put the request on our reservation and have never had a problem getting “adjoining” rooms. However, we have learned that Disney considers “adjoining” rooms any room side by side, but “connecting” rooms are rooms that actually have interior doors joining the rooms, that request is much harder to get.


From what I understand they will note in your ADR that you would like adjoining rooms. I know when this was something we were considering they asked if there were any children traveling and when we said yes, they said that the room would definitely be adjoined to accommodate this. I am sure there will not be a problem. I would also call the resort a few days before your check in day and verify your requests.


We were told on our last trip that connecting rooms (rooms with connecting doors) are given priority to one adult that is travelling with enough children to require more than one room. We were told Disney requires one adult in every room and these types of parties get priority. However, adjoining rooms (side by side) are available to anyone and pretty easy to get, especially if you don’t care where you are located on the resort. POR is a huge resort, I’m sure they can find adjoining rooms somewhere.

I think side-by-side will be easy for you to get, connecting can be harder to obtain. Make sure if you are wanting connecting doors to ask for “connecting rooms” and not adjoining rooms.