Booking advantages?


I was wondering if there is a known advantage/disadvantage to booking at a particular time? I am planning to book Coronado Springs November 26 but want to know if the general consences is to book early or wait?


The only advantage is actually getting a room versus calling when they’re all sold out! I always book early just in case they’re fully booked for a particular room or view that I want later. You can always cancel and re-book should some sort of special offer come along.


I’m an early booker. :happy:

Also, that first night might run into all of the Thanksgiving crowds, where the resorts will really be full. So book often! Book early! :laugh:


I also say book early. This way you get the resort you want. If you would choose to wait, you may not get the CSR. They book up quite quickly, as I’ve found out… As someone one said, you could always cancel, if you want to go to another resort… Good Luck… :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


Definitely book as soon as your dates are solid. If a discount comes along, you can cancel and rebook. That is a busy time and resorts will be full.


Book as soon as you can. You can request specifics like room/building.
And you can rest easy, knowing that is done.


I agree with Boss (Did I just say that). As soon as you know your dates book a room. You can always change if a deal comes out. Case in point, we wanted to stay at ASMo this January. Had we not booked when we did, we would have been out of luck. ASMo filled up due to a convention. If you know you want a specific resort and you know your dates, then book now.