Booking at Aulani


So tomorrow DW and I will be at our 7 month window to book in May at Aulani. We have planned for 8 day in an ocean view studio room. However, we are thinking of adding another day and going with a garden view studio room. We know that it is a new resort and would like other peoples opinions on what we should do. Keep in mind it is our first trip to Hawaii, and want to get the most out of our trip. Also we will be booking a rental car so traveling around the island will not be a problem.


Fingers crossed that you get exactly what you want! We hit our 7 month window next month and I’m a little nervous of what will be available. We want to book a 2 bedroom, and up to 3 studios. I’ve seen glimpes of Aulani on Good Morning America and it looks beautiful, but like you, we’re waiting to hear personal experiences from fellow MB’ers to help us make our plans. Let us know when you book your rooms! Good Luck!!!


Awesome!! I so want to go to Aulani!! I love, love, love to sit on the balcony in the evenings and watch the ocean. So, for me I would choose ocean front. If sitting on the balcony is not a great thrill for you then you should go for the extra day!!


I want to go, but I am happy for you. Can’t wait for that TR.


I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’ll get there some day. I say go with the ocean view…really, how often are you going to be traveling to Hawaii. Go BIG and do it all!! Have a great time and I’ll be waiting to read your TR.


So we booked and got all the days that we wanted. We will be there from May 15, 2012 to May 23, 2012. We did decided to just go for the ocean view room.


Thank you for the post it did help us make our decision.


YAY! So glad you got what you wanted!! I’m sure it was a hard decision whether to take an ocean view or stay longer…can’t go wrong with an ocean view, especially when you’re on the fence by just a day shorter trip. We are going to try for a standard view so we can stay a week. Less than a month, we’ll be booking too! (I hope!)
Make sure you do a trip report as soon as you get home!! With lots of pictures!! :slight_smile: Congrats, I’m SO excited for you!


[QUOTE=A Goofy Family;1093361]YAY! So glad you got what you wanted!!
Make sure you do a trip report as soon as you get home!! With lots of pictures!! :slight_smile: Congrats, I’m SO excited for you![/QUOTE]

Usually when ever we have gone to WDW or DL I have always done a live trip report. However, the DW and I have discussed that since this is a different type of trip that we will be doing a report after the trip. We are going to take it as it goes, relax, and enjoy.


AWESOME…I’m so excited for you!! Good idea about doing the TR after…enjoy it all and report when you return. Aloha!!


You can’t go wrong with any room in Hawaii. We went by the complex this May it looks great. You can sit by the pool and enjoy the ocean view. Rent the car, the resort is away from the main tourist areas. There is a lot to see and do in Hawaii.

Enjoy your trip and look forward to your TR.



I can’t wait to hear all about it. We want to go, but think we need to wait a few more years for the girls to be a bit older. They are really good travelers, especially when flying, but that is a long trip for us. I am sure you will have a fantastic time.