Booking at the very last minute--good idea or not?


Now that I have done a little investigating it looks like we will be going to my “happy place” in December :wub: The only thing is I would most likely book it at the very last minute, I’m talking about maybe 2 weeks ahead of time :huh:
We live in the Northeast, so between being sick & snowstorms I would want to hold off as long as I could. Plus hoping for better airfare.
Is this possible or will everything be booked?? We would like to stay at either POR, AK, OKW, FW


If you haven’t booked it by now good luck with all that going on the weeks in Dec you might not find any rooms. Plus eating at restraurants will probably be out.


Oh I didn’t even think of the restaurants :eek:! THANK YOU!


Last two weeks will be booked pretty full most likely. DVC resorts are pretty full first two weeks.

Plus…there is a pop-waner football/cheering thing going on early Dec too. A resort full of tiny cheerleaders. :eek: Now THAT’S SCAREY!

I’d go ahead and book. Just watch the cancellation dates.