Booking Completed


Finally made the final decisions and arrangements. We rented points and are splitting a stay between OKW and BWV. Loving the price we got and now only roughly 200 days to wait. Next step ADR’s in August.


Congratulations! Enjoy the planning.


200 days! This is the farthest out I’ve ever booked a trip, and it’s driving me bonkers!


Can’t wait to hear details :slight_smile: Having a trip planned is always a good thing!


I feel your pain! We booked in April for a LATE October trip. Longest we’ve ever booked in advance was mid May for a mid September. I just on the cusp of double digits. I’m counting down by life events lol I have my sisters birthday and my birthday this month. Then I have my nephews in August. September is going to be dreadful and then October should go by at a snails pace lol.
Good luck!


Awesome! We LOVE OKW! It is such a relaxing resort.


Congrat’s on your upcoming vacation.


Is this the first time you have rented points? I’m sure you are going to love it. OKW is very relaxing and tropical. BWV has a wonderful location. Congrats!


Congrats to you on booking!!!:heart:


It is our first time with points and after the new rates came out for rooms I was elated with the deal we got. Almost half the price of a room at either location! We are hoping to turn that savings into the beginning of a trip to Disneyland a year from this December.


I have rented a few times - it’s a smooth and easy process. I love the DVC resorts. I really want to try AKLV