Booking date options


Hi all… Again I need some advise… Im looking to book my trip this week and need advise… Im gonna give you some options to choose from and you tell me what I should do…

Option 1)

Friday night to Follw Sat in end of Sept… 8 nights 7 day ticket Pros----Get there friday night after school and work to relax to start fresh on Sat… Get a dining credit that we wont use for friday so we can double up and go to CRT…

Cons… Xtra night = Xtra $ on package…

Option 2)

Sat _ Sat 7 nights 7 Day Ticket… Pros Saving $ on package… Cons getting up early sat morn and poss 1/2 day wasted on travel… no xtra dining credit and poss no CRT

Option 3)

Tue- Tue or Wed -Wed for cheap SWA fare… I heard that mid week is cheaper… Will it be cheaper if I still have the ding?
Sat to Sat


I like option 1. Sounds like option 2 would actually be even less time because of travel. I can’t respond to option 3 because we don’t fly SWA, but if it’s cheap, go for it! I still like the first option. More days . . . that’s a good thing. :happy:


The more days at WDW the better!!!


I do like option 1 better as well…


I like option one the best, as well!


I think after looking at the price options on WDW site its only $100 more per day so I figure thats only a few days of OT or something :laugh:


Do the midweek thing and leave after school. You will get all the things you want from the trip and save extra on the airfare for traveling midweek. (it’s always cheaper to fly then no matter who you fly with). The kids are going to miss the school regardless, so who cares when you leave?


I would pick #3… I’d be so sad to give up the next morning for travel if I had the option of going early! And by travelling midweek, you also have the benefit of sharing the parks with the bigger weekend crowd only one weekend…


i’d go midweek as well - but try for the 8 days midweek - so you can still do CRT/save time relaxing on that 1st day.

have you priced each of these options on the wdw site? isnt it a different price for different days now, rather than the old package price for a time period? it may be cheaper to do midweek than 2 weekends anyway.


Really??? I have to look into that… On the site will it give u a break down of the day by day price? I checked online and its only $100 xtra per day so if I did 6 nights at 1 price its $200 more for another 2 nights… and I hope for free dining