Booking Deadline for Free Dining Extended


I didn’t see another thread about this…but that dosn’t mean it’s not there…
anways, the booking deadline for the free dining package has been extended to June 25th (Dave Birthday, btw)

here is the article

Now…if only they’d extend the free dining UNTIL October 8th…did they entend it last year?? For some reason I thought they did but maybe I am wishful thinking :wub:


rockin’ Bella. Wait, I am having deja vu, i think someone DID post last night that the “travel” period was extended. I can’t remember if it was until October but if I see anything I will let you know, right away!

PS: thanks for thinkin’ of me when you saw the Pirates trailer!!! :pirate: I have gone like Pirates MAD!!! :wacko:


Yep, I posted it under resorts last night.

Nope, they didn’t extend the end of the promotion last year…but here’s hoping for you Bella!!