Booking for 2009


We’re planning to go to Disney during the last week of August 2009. Now here is my question, if I book say January and the free dining comes out in April will I still be able to apply the discount to my trip or should I wait until/if free dining is announced? I’m just curious, since that is one of the main reasons we are leaning toward August (that and it is my dd’s birthday).


You can always apply a discount to your reservation after it’s booked. Please don’t wait for free dining in April, I doubt that will ever happen. April is too busy for Disney to need an offer like free dining to get people to fill the resorts. Depending on Easter it could be a super busy time and peak rates could apply.


I think the original post was meaning that the offer for 2009 free dining would come out in April, not that they were looking to get free dining for an April trip. That is how I read it, is that right?


Yes, I’m booking for August 2009 but I have read somewhere that the Free Dining Offer for Aug/Sept is usually announced in April. I’d preferably like to book sometime in January (I like lots of prep time …LOL) but if I couldn’t add the free dining after the offer is out to a booking that was made in January, then I’d wait until the free dining offer was announced.


I’m sorry I misread your post. You can book as soon as you want and add the discount later. I have added discount codes to reservations in the past and as long as the code/discount is available at the resort you are booked at there’s no problem. Some codes have limited availability so you may have to change resorts if you want to apply the code.