Booking for 2010?


I was wondering if anyone knew when the 2010 bookin will start?Also I’m headding up a large family gathering in June of 2010…any pointers would be GREAT! Did I mention it’s all my in laws:laugh:


You can book a “resort/room only” reservation now (I already booked my July 2010 trip already since I wanted to be sure to guarantee my stay at the Polynesian). Once the 2010 park admission prices are released, then you should be able to change a “resort/room only” reservation to a vacation package since your trip falls within the year deadline. You will not be deleting your resort reservation, simply upgrading it.


Now what happend if “deals” become avaliable down the line, will I be eligable or will I have to pay regular price?


not sure about booking for this next year, but i booked in November 2008 for my September 2009 trip.