Booking multiple rooms


Ok, so my parents (new DVC owners) have decided to be incredibly generous and use banked and borrowed pants to orchestrate a big scale family vacation in 2011 for aunts, uncles, etc. The plan is to get 2 2 bedroom villas at AKL Kidani and 1 1 bedroom villa at AKL Kidani. Kidani is our home resort. If I call right at 11 months out, should I be able to book this without much problem?

We are newbies to the booking system and have only used our developer points so far.


I have no idea…but how exactly can I become a member of your family? :laugh: That sounds like an awesome time!


I don’t see any problems getting this since you’re calling right at 11 months.


How generous, sounds like an AWESOME trip! You are definately able to book your home resort at 11 months out. I don’t know what your parents use year is but you should be able to use your banked points, & borrow points from next use year to book everything. Call & member services will take care of everything. :smile:


Thanks, everyone. I figured it would not be a problem because we will book at exactly 11 months and it’s our home resort but I wanted to check with my DVC expert pals!

LOL, Bella, you are welcome to join the family! Our extended family is actually not all that big so something like this is pretty manageable for us. There are only 16 of us total including aunts, uncles, cousins and 2nd cousins. It is just my mom’s side of the fam. I think my parents have given up hope that they will get to use the DVC with grandchildren of their own so now they are inviting other people with kids to come. LOL


I want to be in your family too!! LOL. How incredibly generous of your parents. Have a great time!


I’m a dvc newbie also, and just booked my first trip. I called, and got a great cm, who put me totally at ease. Every question I had, he had a knowledgeable answer and was always offering to take care of it for me. Just call, and you will be pleasantly surprised.