Booking Package


Ok…so I just had an ODD Disney moment. :huh:
I just called to order my MNSSHP tickets and i gave the dude my name and zip code and stuff and he said that my information was wrong? :huh: :noo: :noo: :noo: :dry: :nuke:

HE said that someone named Mary ________ (insert my last name here) was using my last name and zipcode and booking stuff…
Now, I am a little confused because he just asked for my name, zip code and then when I gave him my address he asked if I moved…so…is there just some lady who went to Disney with my last name that lives in my town and this guy just not smart and obviously could not understand the difference between Christen and Mary…OR…should I be worried?
Because you can’t just call and give your name and have things charged without giving a number…right?

Also, my next question is…once you book a package do they usually send you a confirmation or something? I booked it on the phone and I have tried to go to My Int. on but it can’t pull up the reservation…i am a perfectionist and Dave made the reservation and i just want to make sure everything is right…
does any of this make sense?


I would be a bit concerned!!! Di dthey say a card was given to secure the payment?


The website is tied to email right, so they can verify what all of your info is and hers. That does sounds strange and not totally out of the question that the CM did not know what they were talking about.


irregarldess…(i love that word!)
I am going to have Dave check today


There is something definatly weird about that!!!

I was able to pull up our reservation online my going to “my vacation” and then you put in your confirmation number and phone number.

You should also get a confirmation in the mail that shows your exact package, tickets, room, etc.

hope that mess with that other woman (hopefully just someone else in your town with the same last name!) gets cleared up!


I thought you could only pull up your information online if you made your reservations online not over the phone… then again I may be completely wrong


i actually made my reservation over the phone then was able to also pull it up online (only after putting in my conf # and phone #) and i have also been making payments on our vacation online too.


It’s sounds like you had a newish CM. Call back bella. You will get a new answer.


we did call back and everything is OK with the package AND the tickets I purchased…Dave asked the CM he talked too (who was very nice AND educated) and she said that the original CM probaly misheard my name and someone else in my zipcode had my last name as was named mary…hmm…well…what can i say…i am a worrier…but i still cant pull the reservation up online :dry:


I’ve had experiences like this also. Our last trip, I had to correct them 3 times with my address. For some reason, every time they would pull up my name, they had my Mom’s address, which at that time, she had never been to Disney! Also, this time with our trip, I just received my 4th reservation confirmation. Not sure what’s going on there, but by the 4th time, I’m positive that they have my reservations!


I’m a worrier too, Bella, but I agree w/Dana - if you get a different CM you almost always get a different answer. :mickey:


They do pull it up by last name sometimes, because I have been asked if I was calling about husband’s ex-wife :pinch: and my stepdad. Um. No.



YOu are half right. It used to be that way, but has recently changed and now you can view your res. online even if you booked on the phone.


Geez, thank goodness everything ended up being okay! :noo: That would have freaked me out!!


couldn’t have said it better dznygrl! I would have been climbing the walls if that was me! :eek:


I’m still getting this message when I try. Maybe it’s because my reservations are at Disneyland???

The confirmation number you supplied is not for a reservation that was made on this web site (you can only retrieve reservations that were originally made on this web site). If you mis-typed your reservation number, please enter the correct number and press Continue again. If you would like to confirm a reservation that you originally made over the phone, please call us