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Hello everyone!

It has been a VERY long time since I have been on and I see there are a lot of new “faces” here. Sorry I didn’t get to welcome you earlier so….WELCOME!

Anyway, I have a question… I have been to WDW three times before and have always used a Travel Agent. Well, I am going again and I don’t need a vacation package like I always got through the TA. I purchased 2 5-day hoppers from my sister’s friend ($350!), and only need one more. I have all ready purchased my plane tickets, and now I need to book the resort. I need to make this trip as inexpensive as possible so we are staying at a value resort, which is fine with the three of us.

I am planning on using Disney to book the room. I know if you call them to book it, sometimes you might get a “special rate”, but you have to ask if there are any. How do you ask them if there is a “special rate” available? Is there a special time I should call or any key words I should use?

Any help would be appreciated!! :flowers:

Jennifer :mickey:


I would just ask them if there’s any way you can save money on that room.


I hope that friend that you bought the hoppers from hasn’t used them yet,because you will be SOOL if they have,as their biometric information(measurement of the index and middle fingers)will be encoded on them and you won’t be able to use them.


Nope, they have never been used. A week before they were supposed to go, her husband died of a heart attack. I felt bad buying them from her for such a low price because of that, but she just wanted to get rid of them. So I’m good there.

Jennifer :mickey:


So, let me get this straight. You bough hoppers from a cm? As in their free tix for family and friends?

Plus, the rooms with tix package would’ve prob been cheaper.


No, she wasn’t a CM. I bought them from her about a year ago.

Jennifer :mickey:


When you call ask to book a room only. Then ask if there are any discounts. They won’t tell you unless you ask. Good luck!


I’m not sure, but welcome back!