Booking Quicksilver


For our past 2 trips, we used another car service. While the service on the first trip was great, we had a “minor” issue on the return part of our second trip. We have decided not to use ME, which I was thinking might be a good option, since we don’t REALLY need a grocery stop. (However, if we have it as an option, we will probably take advantage.) DBF says he does not really want to trust that all is well with luggage while we wait at the resort for it to arrive. Anyway, we have decided to give Quicksilver a try. I phoned them a little while ago & someone is supposed to be calling back before 1 PM today. They wanted me to book online but I prefer not to, as I would like to prepay. Hopefully the service will be what I’m expecting. I’m trusting the fact that MB’ers have seemed to have had good service from them.


they dont really “prepay” they can Pre-take credit info but wont charge you till you get picked up and have service done. I like having that all taken care of with the tip included because its easier. Greg is really great about getting back to you right away and you will not be disappointed! We have loved the level of service we have received!


Another thumbs up for Quicksilver. We had great service and will be using them again on our next trip.


I just received a call back & all is booked. It was very easy, My travel agent has always done this for me in the past, but I decided to just do it myself this time.


Quicksliver is good people.


We used Quicksilver our first two trips and will use them again in March. You won’t be disappointed in the quality service!


You will not be disappointed. We used them before and will use them again in
4 days


Wish I was going that soon!! Have fun!


You’ll be there in no time. You only have 23 day :happy:


I have used Quicksilver twice with no issue. You picked the right car service. No worries.


We used them last trip and they were wonderful. My only complaint was that they actually showed up to take us home at the end of the trip (I would have liked to stay forever)! :blush: :blush:


hey, that’s my complaint too.:laugh:


That’s a very legitimate complaint :glare: We need to have a talk with Quicksilver :laugh:


I’ll be happy to open a new business here… A Quicksilver Bed & Breakfast…Could charge per month with a nice discount.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I shall be your first guest :happy:
For the discount you aren’t going to make us fill in for sick drivers, are you?:laugh:


Maybe gardening and etc… :laugh:


ohoh, let me think it over :laugh:


You shouldn’t be disappointed with Quicksilver. There were very good our last trip when we ran into multiple weather delays and had to call them 3 or 4 times to keep rescheduling/updating as the planes kept cancelling. Using two different car services now, I think the whole return trip to the airport is a weird situation. It’s almost like the drivers don’t want to talk to you or ask you about how great your trip was because it will make you sad or upset?!?

Prezcatz Paul


We’ve used Quicksilver several times over the past several years & we love them. There was a slight “glitch” last time but it didn’t involve getting to or from on-time or anything. And even in that situation Gregory went WAAAAAY above & beyond to make it right for us. We’ll never go anywhere else as long as Gregory is there!:wub: :wub: (And Gregory…count me in on that B&B deal!!!)


I think we may also book them for our day trip to Universal. Any thoughts? Is it cheaper than a taxi? Do we just set up a pick-up time at the beginning of the day or call when we want to go back to our resort?