Booking rooms/cancellation policy?


Can I book a room at POFQ now for June 2005? If I do book the room, how long before our dates do I have to cancel to avoid any fees? I hate to even think about cancelling again but DH is military and you just never know what they are going to pull on you at the last minute :glare:


I’m not sure what the rules are about that, but if you buy trip insurance (which is about $75), then you can cancel at any time.


If you book a room only reservation (12 number long confirmation number), you are required to pay a one night deposit, with the balance due when you check in. As long as you cancel more than 5 days before you arrive, you get your money back.

If you have a package that includes/does not include park passes (8 number long confirmation), you have to cancel 45 days in advance or more to get your $200 deposit back. Inside of that, there are some penalties.


You mentioned that your DH is military. Try booking through Shades of Green for great prices: (888) 593-2242


Thanks for the # chiasgirl…we just had to cancel our trip for November and we had reservations for there. It is $97 a night for DH’s rank. DH and I just aren’t sure we really want to stay there…we like the theming and such at the Disney resorts and the moderates aren’t that much more a night. Still trying to decide what to do, but thanks for your help everyone.


Shades of Green can also book you into other WDW resorts. We got a Savannah room at AKL through them for over $100 less than booking directly through Disney. They also quoted us PO for $84 a night which is less than anyone’s rate at SOG.


Will they do this even if SOG has a room available at their own resort?


SOG usually won’t offer you other resorts if they have rooms available. So, what you do is book POFQ now in your name getting the best rate you can. Then, you watch the SOG website checking your specific dates on the reservation page. When your dates are no longer available you call SOG and ask to make a reservation. They will tell you that they are full. Ask them if they can help you make a reservation in another resort. Hopefully, they can book you into POFQ at 40% or so off. Book this room in DH’s name. Then call Disney reservations back and cancel the room booked in your name.
I know it seems like a bit of a hassle but it guarantees the room you want and it gives you a shot at the best possible price.


Doesn’t sound like a hassle to me! I am all for getting stuff for a cheaper rate! lol Thanks for the info!


Just an update WDWAddict -
When the AP rates came out today they also extended the military rates that they had this summer.
When you are ready to book I would suggest you call Disney reservations as well as SOG and compare prices. The discount code for the military rate is EVU.
I hope it works out for you this spring!