Booking Spirit of Aloha when renting DVC Points?


We are renting DVC points so we do not have a Package through Disney and the reservation has been confirmed under our name. We are also doing the DDP and I get to book our ADR’s tomorrow, WOOHOO:laugh::laugh:

Being we are renting points when they ask for a phone number, it will not show a reservation. Do I give my confirmation number??

Will I still have to give credit card info when booking SOA even if we are doing the DDP??

Also, we are booked at SSR as of now and on a wait list for BCV or BWV. If we change resorts, that shouldn’t matter, right?

Renting points is new to me and I am still in the learning stage:eek:


It doesn’t make any difference. Remember, even non hotel guests can make dining reservations. When they take reservations, they don’t care where you’re staying or how you’re paying. Usually they’ll just ask for a phone number to tie the reservation to. I don’t know the last time my dining reservations were actually tied to my lodging.
I believe you will probably have to give a credit card number as a $10 deposit that will not be charged unless you don’t show up for your reservation and don’t cancel 24 hours before.


They don’t really care where your are staying. They just want your CC# & phone number in case you don’t show so they can call to remind you that you paid for the tickets anyway. :laugh:

If you have your reservation number they can link them so that a list of you ADRs will print with your arrival packet - for what that’s worth.