Booking through MS


Do you use MS to book not just the DVC properties, but also the Adventurers and Concierge Collections and the IntraWest and the Interval International? Or do you have to call elsewhere to book the non-DVC resorts?

Also, can MS help you with flights and rental cars, or is it only for rooms/tix and ME?


We use MS for everything you mentioned and even dining too! The only thing I’m not sure of is airfare…because we usually drive.


hmmm- what is MS? perhaps Im just not familiar with the abreviation


Member Services… I stole it from another site! LOL


Yeah. If you are using points, MS it is. They have different departments that handle different things.

While I haven’t done an II exchange, I belong to RCI and it’s the same thing - a condo exchange service. Sometimes what you want pops right up and sometimes not. They will start a search for you if it’s not immediately available for reservation.


ok so being the extremely frugal person that I am I have to ask - is there any benefit or discount to having them handle it? I really cant afford to just have someone do it for the convenience of it all. I just assumed that it is just a travel agency


Well they don’t charge a service charge like many travel agents do now.

Is it cheaper? Probably not. Easier? Probably so.