I am attempting to book a room-only reservation online at a Value resort for 2/4/08-2/8/08.

The trouble I’m encountering is whenever I try to book those dates as a whole, it says that the ONLY resort available is CBR.

However, if I book the 4th alone and then book the 5th-8th, it works fine.

Anyone have any idea why it would be doing this?

I know I could probably just call Disney and get this worked out, but I love booking things online myself so I wish I could figure what’s going on. :confused:


Oh that is so annoying. I know there are new pricing rules in effect, perhaps it has something to do with that. Sorry I can’t help.

By the way, HI!!!


HI!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Have you tried calling? I can’t believe those dates are sold out but stranger things have happened.


I’m going to try calling in a little bit. It really doesn’t make sense why it won’t let me book those 4 nights in a row, but I can get a Value any of those nights if I book the nights seperately. :huh:


The only thing I can think of is maybe the room types are different…standard vs. a preferred location??


Hmmm, I don’t think that’s it either. I am trying some different variations though just in case, like changing the party size, etc. There’s really no reason I have to figure this out myself (I could easily call!) I’m just stubborn I guess. :laugh:


I understand, I like to do it myself online as well. I really had a hard time booking our last trip and had to call b/c the Disney website was really acting up. Maybe it is just extra glitchy today…honestly, as much as I love Disney, their website is really horrible.


That happened to me and when I called they were sold out… try calling and see what happens… I hope it works out for ya!


Well I called, and the CM said that it’s just the night of the 7th that all the values are sold out.

Actually, he told me “those dates are sold out” and refused to be any help beyond that. :dry: So when I asked him if he could tell me why the website would let me book those nights individually, he seemed a little put out. But he did some digging around for me and said that the 7th is the night that’s causing all the trouble. (What’s Feb. 7th? Anything special? :huh:)

So here’s my thought…I would have no problem staying at a moderate for one night, except for the fact that we leave really early the next morning so we would barely get a few hours at that resort. Seems like a waste of $$ to me.

Anybody have any experience booking a cheap motel near the airport? I thought maybe that last night we could just check out of our resort early and leave our bags, play in the parks all day and then head to a motel at the airport?



There are so many hotels around you should have no problem.


Priceline it Dizzy!


That’s a great idea…and as a matter of fact, I’m looking at priceline right now! :laugh:


You’ll find something great on priceline. 5 star for 3 star price. Tell us what you found. I am looking for Vacation Homes to Rent. We have to bring our dogs and I am finding some really great deals. 5 Bedroom homes for 115.00 per night.


I’d call Mouseketrips and see if they can get something for you!


OR try renting some points!!! At $10 per point you go arrive on the 4th at an OKW studio for 4 nights for $400 OR a Value view studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas for $360!!!


WOW…now THAT’S a deal!!! I’D DO THAT!!! That’s only a LITTLE more than a Value. Holy Canoli!!!


It would be quite a bit more if they were staying on a Friday or Saturday night. That is why we usually check in on Sundays and check out on Friday morning and then go stay at a value for the last couple nights of our trips. It allows us to take A LOT more trips then we would be able to if we stayed DVC on the weekends.


WOW that is just and INSANELY good deal!! :eek:

I am so nervous and clueless about this renting points thing…but man do I need to get on the ball and start figuring it out! :whistling


BDavis, I had no idea about that little weeknight loophole! I am surrnounded by Disney temptation right now!!! Aaaarrrggghhh…