Booking with the WDW Travel Company?


We’re looking at prices for 2010 and have got a great quote from WDW Travel, not including flights. We can’t even check for flight prices for another 20odd days so, my question is, how often do WDW Travel change their prices for hotels & tickets?


When ticket prices go up there’s usually an announcement a few weeks before the increase happens. Room prices are announced for the year.


Ooo ok, thank you! Whats annoying me, is as great as the package is, when you add on the flights (Virgin), the price goes up by around £3000! To book the flights seperatly should not cost that much, but Virgin do not announce their prices more than 366 days in advance! The same flights for this year come in at around £1600 which would make it a good deal, but my fear would be, we book the package, and then get stung for the flights! I have a feeling we’ll be back to booking with Travel City!


I booked for our upcoming trip in sept 09, we booked this through Disney uk on 6 Nov 2008. The deal included flight from Manchester, free dinning (basic counter service-- we upgraded to usual one counter one table and one snack for £4.00 pp pd) 14 day park hopper for the price of a seven, staying 14 nights at POFQ total = £ 2264.00 for two adults.

the price varies so much travelling one or two days later or earlier than you planed dates sometimes.

Hope this helps your planning.


Hay- forgot to say would you still trust travel city direct again after they went down last year?

also you could try jetsave as they have good deals or even mousebuzz -

I actually got a better deal from Disney as I was pricing them up last year.

although when you book through Disney its actually a company called open ride that you book through. also when you attempt to book ADR’s and they request your booking number the one in the uk is not on the USA system which causes some minor irritation, you also have to arrange magical express yourself through the USA web site ( that you can not always get on from the uk).

As I said some minor irritations


To update my prior post, we’ve been checking with Travel Agents about the Easter 2010 trip we’re trying to plan, and we’re hearing that Travel Agents are unable to book anything until the 2010 rates come out (hopefully in just a couple of weeks).


[QUOTE=jimbo;976398]Hay- forgot to say would you still trust travel city direct again after they went down last year?

Thanks for all the info! We feel safe enough booking with them as they are part of the Virgin group now, so I can’t see them going bust any time soon. Our entire package with Travel City is Virgin, but for around £2000 less when booked through Travel City (crazy right?). Its a Virgin plane, virgin baggage allowance, virgin transfers, its all Virgin but under a different name!

We were definatly temped to take the Disney package because the ‘perks’ seemed interesting but were they? We read about getting prime viewing for fireworks?