Booking with Visa


Ok, this may be a silly question. We’ve never booked far enough in advance to have a deposit and remainder, it’s always had to be paid in full at time of booking. (Those were the days before DS, when life was more spontaneous!) So now we’re looking at the possibility of booking a WDW trip. If I pay the deposit with my Disney Visa, do I have to pay the entire amount (total trip) or can I pay the deposit now and the remainder later also with the Visa? The 6 months no interest starts at time of purchase, so I didn’t know if I could split that or not.


i book with my visa if you want to just do thr depoist then you can what ever you want to do


and the 6 months for final payment is when you make it, not when you booked.


I’ve used our Disney VISA card many times for this. You can use it for the deposit and then again for the payment in full. The six months no interest will start when you have paid for the vacation in full.


Oh yay! I was hoping it would be when I paid in full, that gives me a little longer! I’m still not sure this trip is going to work out, but it’s looking better! Thanks!