im look ing to book a trip to disneyland paris, for me and my brother for his birthday present next year. and was wondering who the best tour oparaters to book with were, i want to go by coach.



Where are you going from?


england, im from doncaster so the coach people would need to pick up from there. Im looking at ledge travel, coz we have been with them before a few years ago.


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Yes I would recommend Leger travel. We went with them when my children were small. Very reliable. You should also look at travelling by air and going independently. Easyjet and Jet2 fly into CDG and are very reasonable. Connections to the parks from the airport are good too. Feel free to ask any questions you like or PM me if you want.

Funny, my mum was in Doncaster only yesterday. It really is a small world after all!


Hi. Just helpin’ a fellow traveller. I often look in on the DLP forum. Not posting elsewhere these days. :smile:


it would be hard flying, as i have never flown without my parents. I am only 18 and when we hopefully go away my brother will be 9, so going on a coach would be easyer for me as its straight there and not to confusing lol.
Wow about your mum, maybe i went past her while i was in town yesterday lol


That’s a fair point. I also think Leger do reduced prices for children too. Also keep a lookout in your local press as there are lots of trips organised by the local companies, or even the papers themselves, and often they are very reasonably priced. You might just need to check if the relevant companies will accept a booking from an 18 year-old. I think they probably will, but worth checking out. :smile:


well i was looking on the ledger website and they have the kids go free deals. I hope whatever companey i deciede to go with will accept the booking form, otherwise i would have to look for a diffrent holiday etc.


Not necessarily. There is always Eurostar if you are happy to travel by train. You’d probably have to get yourself to Waterloo station in London and then get the train direct to the park. Your brother would probably enjoy that journey more than sitting on a coach for twelve hours. The biggest problem with the coach is that it stops about a million times to pick people up (feeder coach) Then it’s all change when you get to Dover or wherever so that you are on the right bus. Still, it’s not that big a deal. Why don’t you just ring or email Leger and ask if they would accept the booking? That way you can plan ahead. Good luck!