Anyone have good suggestions on books to read about disneyworld. AND NO i am not talking about tour guide books. I mean like books about disney world such as the Yee book called mouse trap.


My daughter and I really enjoyed the book “The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World” by Susan Veness. It had alot of “extras” that other books miss. I was able to get a copy at the library, so I bet you could check there first so you don’t have to invest in it just on my word. There is some history throughout the book on each of the parks and then little secrets of fun things to see that the average park-goer misses.


My daughters really like the Disney at Dawn series.


I read this too, last fall, loved it.


One of my favs is Realityland. I can’t remember the author at the moment. It goes through the history of wdw getting started up to present day. It’s excellent!


The Imagineering Guides by Alex Wright are fun reads. :happy:


I second this book … great read. Alot facts and behind the scenes stuff!


Since The World Began by Jeff Kurtti…covers WDW up until 1996 (first 25 years). Excellent book.


i JUST finished that book. I loved it!


This is a fun, fiction book based off of Walt Disney World. If you are a WDW pro and have a good sence of humor then check this out: