Boss, your tutu is ready


I finally finished Boss’s tutu!! :laugh::laugh:


I made your dolls a tutu too!


And the finishing touch - a hair bow! :wub:


Okay…you need to start your own business!!! You did a great job!


Those are lovely - they’ll go perfectly with his eyes! Good job!:happy:


Nice job on the repairs. You can’t see any of the tazer burn holes. :laugh:


Is that tutu parade-ready? You never know when you’re going to have to be in a parade…


Thanks everyone!
Richard, I had to start from scratch, there were just too many taser burns to save that tutu! :eek: :laugh: :laugh:


So cute, I love the hairbow. If you aren’t in business, you should really consider it.


is it water proof? you know how boss loves to dive into fountains!
Great job!!! so pretty:)


WOW! They turned out lovely! Boss is going to look pretty.:blush:


Thanks again, you all are so kind!

I think this tutu is definitely parade ready. If Boss decides to take a dip in a fountain (or can’t resist a quick dance in the spray) he may get a bit soggy, but I think the tutu will survive :blink: Taser burns will result in his having to squeeze into one of the doll tutus :laugh: :laugh:

The only business I’m in is the Mamaw business! :wub: :blink: :laugh:


That “birthday princess” hairbow would SELL!


Not after Boss does his birthday fountain dance. :crying: :laugh: :crying:


those look wonderful Boss should be proud to where any of them.


Wow, those look amazing!


Great job! I bet Boss Mouse can’t wait to try them out!


Hey why has Boss not commented yet on these? Him maybe he is beside himself speechless


One teeny tiny incident with a tutu and a fountain and the poor guy is typecast for life…


SHAME on all you horrible people. I would NEVER, EVER give poor old Vince a hard time about his, ah, slightly strange affection of tutu fountain dancing. :whistling :angel:

At LEAST he WEARS a tutu now. :laugh:

Love you Vince, mean it. Now about that speeding ticket you said you could take care of for me.