Boston to Orlando Flights


I’m not sure how many people fly from Boston to Orlando but we just booked round trip tickets on Airtran for $159.00 in January. I also checked in December and they have the same price for some flights. I’m not sure about other months. There is also an additional charge of $6 per flight if you want to get assigned seats now.


I just check airtran for September and it’s 259 each… gotta keep looking.


That’s a great price, I’ve been looking from Detroit to Orlando for early December and can’t seem to find anything for less than $299. Is yours a straight through flight??


They had quite a few different times to chose from at this price. Most had stop overs but the one we got was nonstop going and coming. I would assume they will go pretty quick at this price because I have been checking flights for January for a couple months and the cheapest I could find was $249.


Have you checked Northwest? They did have roundtrips for $179.


We were able to book Southwest for $126.00. I :heart: Southwest!


I am looking at August and the best I can get is $209 or $229. Not too terrible and better than what my cousin paid in April. ugh.


Wow, very good! I am hoping for a good ding, but so far, nothing.:pinch:


I’ve checked them all. I check everyday, about three times a day (at different times when I check); you just never know when a great fare will pop up.


I just calculated my cost for the four of us to go this weekend. $78.00 in gas round trip! Heh…living 180 miles away is pretty cool.