Bottled Water tip (for those with cars)


When Pete and I went on Tue. I packed a cooler (leaving it in the backseat of the car) with several bottles of Publix water from home. We each carried one bottle into the parks with us, and didn’t have to wait in the bag search line, and as we left each park to visit a new one, we’d do the same thing. It probably saved us an easy $10 in bottled water.

Just a little tip, but hey! It’s $10! (Or $1,000 on your Rewards Card, however you want to look at it :wacko: )


Great tip.

Two years ago we drove to WDW and took plenty of water with us. My DMIL drinks lots of water so I brought it thinking of her. I chilled it and froze some but at the end of the week we still had most of it. On the way home I made a comment to my DH about how no one drank the water I brought. It turns out he told his parents to leave it in the room and just buy water! What did he think? I drug 48 bottles of water 1,200 miles for fun? This summer we are flying and using DME so I think we will be paying for our bottled water.


I have a real problem dishing out all that money for water for the whole family in the parks. It’s always worth a trip to pick them up at Walmart for us. (also the kids would opt for soda if we didn’t carry our own water) But then again we always have a rental car.


I agree, there is an endless supply of water in Florida and they charge such outrageous prices for a bottle of it. We always stop at the grocery store for a case of water. We have the water bottle holders that are insulated and bring them with us. They are so easy to carry with the straps. Worked out great for us. Then at lunch we would sometimes buy a drink just for something different. When we got back to the resort, we then used our refillable mugs.


Jenny that’s a great idea! I’ll have to remember that when we have a rental car…I can’t stand Florida water :blow: but end up feeling dehydrated if I drink soda. And I HATE paying like $4 for a bottle of Dasani, because I drink half of it and then leave it on a ride every single time! (Especially Haunted Mansion)…:dry:


Since we live in Florida we are used to the water… although we take a bottle with us that has a big mouth on it so that we can get ice from the resturants to help keep it cold… and we have one with the insulation on it too… The soda’s dehydrate me too… We only get a soda when we get something to eat in the parks… but we drink water there for the most part… ºoºJudy


I flew into orlando last year and still brought bottled water with me. Along with our luggage, I checked in a hard sided cooler packed with the water bottles. When we got to our room I filled the cooler with ice. It worked out great.


We have a car each time so we freeze a bunch of waters, use that as our “ice” to keep our food cold and take them into the park frozen. They thaw very quickly but the core usually stays frozen for awhile, keeping the water ice cold. DH also has several Camelbacks so he’ll fill those w/ ice and water and we’ll use that sometimes instead of carrying the bottles of water.


Awesome ideas! You can save a ton of money on little things. Thats were most of the is spent, on the little things.



I also bring a case or two depending how many days I am going to be there except I only start out with one since I didnt want to lug water with a backpack. This time we are going we are going with my mom and are bring a cooler that we use as our lunchboxes at home that have a hard surface in side the park, a regular cooler on the way up from our home ,and we also bought the insulated bottle holders to keep the ones we are drinking cool because now that I drink more water then soda I would be paying way too much for it in the park . I drink at least three 24 oz waters a day


That’s a GREAT idea, to freeze the water. The downside of leaving a couple bottles in the car was by the time we got to the 3rd park of the day, I had hot water bottles.:pinch:


Hey this goes in my Really Cheapskate Tip Thread!


Call me crazy & cheap, but I use a drinking fountain.


I’m taking two cases of water with us in the car when we go at the end of May-Early June. I’m already stocking up. We are not going to run out of drinking water, and there are plenty of water fountains for a quick refill when we’re empty and then we just trash the bottles on the way back to the room. Sounds like an excellent and cheap way to go to me.


That’s not cheap, it’s usually the smart choice, but in this situation, I will say that you’re crazy. Florida water is GROSS! I don’t know where I’d be w/out my Brita filters at home.


I guess we are lucky because our water is really good… We even had one of those water filter guys out here trying to sell us a filter for our water and he said, I really hate to say this, but your water is great… no iron or any other things in our water… we do have some sulfer, but it evaporates if you put a pitcher of it in the fridge or have water in the door of our fridge with no taste or smell…but our well is an artisian well… I am sorry about your water in tampa…


The water in Orlando and WDW is like that too. You can smell it when you run the faucet. The only time I EVER drank Florida water out of the tap was the day I got to the GF for my honeymoon, and was so dehydrated from drinking so much to deal with the plane trip, and so dehydrated from air travel, I would have stuck my head in a toilet.


yuck! :blow: our water here is pretty nasty too. It totally tastes and smells like clorine.


It is a little trickier when you fly and don’t rent a car, but when my mom and I went to WDW a few summers ago, we each packed a 6 pack of water in our suitcase. It wasn’t too heavy for us to manage ourselves and it at least cut down on some of the cost of buying water. We were at the All Star Music and had no refrigerator in the room, but we would fill the ice bucket at night before we went to bed and put a few water bottles in the bucket. When we left for the parks in the morning, they were nice and cool!!



We usually stop at the store on our way to our room and pick up a case of water to use during our trip. For this years trip though, I found at Wal-Mart a couple of Brita water bottles that use filters. I figure we can fill these with ice and water b/4 we leave our room and then refill as needed throughout the day. Anything to save a few dollars!