Bought my Pirates and Princess tix


Well it was rather pricey so I hope that its worth it- but I know I would regret it if I didnt so…they have been purchased.

Apparently its a lot like the Halloween party and the Christmas party where you purchase special tickets for a special event in the park- it includes a special parade and fireworks display. There are 3 coves of treasures for the pirates and 3 courts for the princesses. there will be a magician and Dance party and musicians etc. and a haunted riverboat ride. There will also be a character meal at Liberty Tree tavern that is special for the event but she did not sell me on what there was to offer there.

For 3 adults (nicky is 11 and considered an adult) and 2 kids it cost just under $200 ($184)

Im kind of excited about the prospect of something different at the parks. I have never done anything like this and its cool that we will be there during hte times they offer it.


WOW! Sounds like it will be a great time.
Let me know how it is.
We are going to MNSSHP in September and can’t wait.


I have never been there for that but my friend Kathy does it almost every year. I am afraid of crowds during those times so I would not be a good person for the popular parties like that but pirates is kind of low key right now so who knows???


The meal at LTT is most likely the same that’s done during the MNSSHP. The characters “dress up” - probably in princess and pirate costumes instead of their usual colonial times costumes. The meal is the same meal that is regularly served for dinner at LTT. We made ADR during the MNSSHP for 5:15and as soon as we were done we were able to start enjoying the rides (they had given us wristbands when we entered the park) even though the party didn’t officially start until 7:00. The dinner was a fun way to start the evening!!


Well, I think you’ll be our first review of the party! Make sure you take lots of pictures and we’ll be expecting a very detailed TR!

Oh, and I’m not one for big crowds either. I only do the parks when they are the least crowded, in the slowest season. This year we’re doing MVMCP in mid December, which is suppossed to be one of the slowest days of the season!


We are going in Feb and this pirate thing starts in Jan but it will still be rather early I suppose- they are doing it only on Mondays and Thursdays. I am hoping that its worth the $$ and that its not going to be too crowded because of the lack of days offered. Who knows… Im all for the new parade and fireworks!!


Well, I am so jealous I could screeeammmm! LOL! I wanna go! :laugh:
I think you will have a wonderful time. It sounds like it’s going to great fun. Good for you!


Im kind of thrilled since I have 3 pirates and one very spoiled princess!!


Can’t wait to hear all about it!!


Id love to go to this, it seems to launch not long after we leave though which is rather annoying! It sounds like it will be fantastic and if it’s anything like MNSSHP your going to love it, we’ve done that twice now and its a great night out in the parks!


That is what she told me- that its like the Halloween party and Christmas party where its a seperate party that you will need tickets for. I was kind of shocked that it was so expensive but I also had no idea that we would have to pay for the adults too- the kids are the ones that get to do all the neat stuff :frowning:
But I get to take pics of their sweet faces having so much fun!