Bought our passes for our December trip


I really wanted to wait until after I got the kids school clothes and supplies to purchase our tickets for our December trip, but the price increase that is coming tomorrow made me go ahead and bite the bullet earlier than I had planned.

I was hoping that Disney would not raise their prices this year due to the economy. We are fortunate that it has not affected us as much as it has some of our friends, but we have found that we are tightening up our spending after seeing how things have affected those around us.

I was 250 short in the Disney account to cover the ticket purchase which means that I will have to cut out some luxuries until I save the 250 I already spent on those tickets. No fun.

Thanks for listening to my gripe. I was just really hoping they would not raise the prices this year…


Don’t feel bad about not liking the price increases and your being pressured to buy tickets before the price increase takes effect. That’s actually a common sentiment every year about this time.
I don’t think it will be that hard for you to cut back a total of $250 over the next 4 months. Not with what everything costs today. I’m guessing you could probably cut $10 a week from groceries just by changing a few things. That alone would net you over 3/5 of the extra money you’ve just spent.
(Bake cakes instead of giving candy? Cake goes farther and costs less)