Bounce Back offer!


We got a bounce back offer for free dining next year!

I didn’t have the mental capacity to write all the dates available down -sorry! But, we have late August next year. Same price as this year. The offer in the room said the 40% off room rate but it ended in March. I called anyway and was offered my same package for next year!

If you are going soon, make sure you ask about the offer in case it is not in your room yet. The offer sheets are apparently not available yet.

Just thought some of my happy planner friends might make use of this info… :biggrin:


Do you happen to remember if October 2012 was in that offer? We were hoping for a bounce back offer for next year!


I really am not sure. I was totally thinking about myself. LOL! After I hung up I realized this would be very useful info for MBers… So Sorry!!!
Good news is that the Free Dining offer for bounce back just started literally days before I called so it should be available while you are there.
By the way, can you get the dates when you call to post for everyone? Bahaaahaa! Since I totally did not?


That’s ok, I probably would have done the same thing! :happy: Yeah, I will get the dates unless someone else beats me to it. I am planning on taking our laptop with us, so I may even be able to do it from there!