Bounce Back Program Question


Does anyone know if they still offer this program? :huh:

I read some where that it is offered to everyone who is staying on property, you just have to ask for it. I am especially interested in this for our trip in Feb 2009 and if it will still be available.


We were there June 18 to 24th. We stayed at the Poly and they offered a bounceback.


We stayed at SSR and All Star Sports 2 weeks ago and we had an offer in both rooms!!


Good news! I hope it is still offered when I am there in February.:happy:

It will save us a ton if it is on our next trip in June.


that’s what started this whole trip in August, the blasted bounceback offer! And the main part of our trip isn’t even using the offer! So Disney knows what they are doing! I should take the wrapper off my head! :laugh: AND…the offer I am using ($65/night ASM) is very close to the “end-of-summer” promo ($69) going on right now, so it really wasn’t a big deal regarding savings in a way…

in '06 I don’t remember being offered it, but then we didn’t watch TV much (where I saw it offered in '07) but I ended up going again because of a great fall resort promo (the $65 ASM). I would have rather had the free dining like my friend did!
So if we get offered it again this trip, I don’t know that I would jump on it, but it sure makes the year more enjoyable with even the slightest POSSIBLITY that another trip is on the horizon!


I wish I would have known about this last year when we went twice, could have saved some money. Anyway, I really hope it is still available when we go in Feb. cause we might have to plan yet another if it is!!!


the last few times I’ve been the offer was there too, right on the table in the form of a big pocket watch . . . it says “Don’t be late . . . to get the best rate”

I think this is the bounce back offer!


The only bouncing we’ll be doing is September during the free dining. With finances, gas and the general economy a mess this is about the only way we can get down there.
I’ve already told Sandy that as long as there’s free dining we’ll find a way to swing a trip each year.


We had a bounce back offer in our room at WL last month but the dates didn’t fit since most if not all of the dates were for school times and not breaks. It wasn’t an open booking where you could pick any date and book with a discount.


My thoughts exactly hope they offer it this year.


I would like to take advantage of a bounce back this time, but don’t know if I will get an offer at OKW or not. I wonder if I will be able to just ask someone at concierge if there is one offered for people on property…can’t hurt right?


They do still offer it. When you are there you will see a calendar. You just pick the dates that you want to come back and they give you a 30% off rate as long as you book before you check out.


I heard if there isn’t an offer in your room, just to contact the front desk and they will let you know. You have to call from your room so that they know you are a current guest.


Do you have to bounceback to the same hotel? I love POR, but I have wanted to try out CBR the last two trips. We skipped it this year because of the pool refurb.


There was a number you could call also. You could call from your cell phone. That is what I did.


No you don’t have to bounceback to the same hotel. You can pick any hotel you prefer.


I think alot of people have skipped CBR because of the pool refurb. We skipped it for that reason also.




my co-worker had free dining last year, so that is the bounceback she was offered to book again this year and she did. I had a good hotel rate, so that is what I was offered. I wish there was a way to switch to the free dining deal somehow


Rookie question alert!!!

I understand from the posts that the bounceback offer is to come back soon, but is it a great deal or just for certain members of a club or program?

We did not have one at Allstar Movies last year (our 1st trip). I wonder if we will have it this year at the Contemporary?