Bounce Back?


Is the bounce back “program” offered at all resorts, because we only stay at Fort Wilderness. Do you think that they would offer it to?


what is the ‘Bounce back’ program? I have never heard of it :huh: :blush: :huh:


My understanding is that it was only at select resorts, and not everyone was offered the deal. My BIL just returned from Pop Century, and their party has 6 rooms, no one was offered the bounce back program.

The Bounce Back program was a deal where you would receive the dining plan for free if you booked your reservation for 2008 and paid the deposit before you checked out. It has now ended.


They do not give the free dining when you stay at Fort Wilderness. We have gone the last 2 years and stayed at the campgrounds and my son’s family has stayed at one of the resorts…last year it was one of the value resorts and they received the free dining both years…however it is not something that is offered by the resorts. It is offered sometime in the spring and you have to watch for it I think this year it started in April…you will have to ask the person that helps you plan your trip when you call. Or if you have the Chase Credit Card …with the Disney Rewards program they sometimes let you know about it too…If you don’t have the Rewards plan then you are missing out on a great deal if you are like me and pay your charge cards off each month in full…it is free Disney money. I had almost $500 this year alone. But if you don’t pay the card in full each month than you pay that interest and it is then not really free money.


You won’t get it at FW unless you are in a cabin. I saw the bounceback at beach club. Im not sure if you could have gone there and booked if you were not staying there.


I am happy to say that is not true. How do I know?? Because I am bouncing back to Poly next September thanks to my recent stay!!! We will have free dining :cool: again!


If you were already there, you could have reserved a room @ any disney hotel that had availability for the offer. We were at CB Sept. 20-30, and there was a note in our room. My BF next door, had no note in her room, but I gave her the # off of mine. all you had to do was ask front dest for info. we rebooked @ Coronado Springs.


Wow - sounds like I would take em up on an offer like that. Maybe it will be extended??


You had to book before you checked out. And it was only offered until the end of Sept. I booked it for Pop. We did have to call the number that was on the offer paper left in our room. I tried going thru the front desk and was told they could not help me and that I would have to call the number.

It seems to be a good sign that free DDP will be offered again next Sept 2008, so watch for it next spring.


We stayed at ASMo and had the flier in the two rooms we had. We rebooked for Pop as well.


You might want to rethink staying there…Not very good…very disapointing…


I disagree - a very nice resort, one of my childrens favorite. Great Dig Site play ground and great pool. It is big, but has is very enjoyable - just look at the pictures.


There was an offer in my Pop room, but I didn’t book. I don’t want to give Disney $200 for a year! But we’ll see, maybe I’ll do it again next year (not sure as the tips won’t be included, nor appetizer).



We really enjoyed Coronado Springs. It’s our favorite moderate resort, actually!


We are bouncing back next Sept. for free dining again.

We did not receive a flyer or anything. No notes on any of our dining receipts. Thanks to all of you wonderful people I asked a concierge cm and she gave us a number to call.

We called on our last morning and are booked to stay at PoP Century beginning on 9/8/08.

We gave the $200 deposit gladly. We will be splitting the trip as we did this year. 4 days of free dining at POP and 3 days at FW. I am very excited to have a tripped planned a whole year in advance.


My DD had a flyer at Poly stating it had to be booked by Sept 28. The next at POP, I got a flyer it had to be booked by Oct 12 th (I think, I know it was Oct) but the same deal, before you checked out. My DH said no at first, but now that it’s too late, he asked “did you book that package”:crying:

Last yr it was offered in Dec I think. So maybe when I go for my birthday, I will have another chance.