Bounceback Offer Question


I’m hoping for a bounceback offer when we go in December. If we are offered the bounceback is it usually for the same time frame as our trip for the following year or is there a range of dates for the following year?? Will we have to stay at the same resort or are the offers for various resorts?? Is free dining ever included in the bounceback offer??

Please educate me on your knowledge of the Bounceback Offer.


Educate me too-what exactly is a ‘bounceback’ I have heard this expression before but dont fully understand- thanks in advance


There have been a couple times where guests have been offered free dining and better rates if they would “bounce back” and book their return reservation for a specific time period and if they made that reservation before they checked out during their current stay.
The most often referenced bounceback offer was from last September’s free dining period offering free dining to guests returning in Sept 2008 and booking before their departure during their current September 2007 visit.

Hope this explains it.


Here is the latest Bounceback Discount Promotion:

This offer is available ONLY to guests who are currently staying at one of the official Walt Disney World resorts, and could end at any time.

Using a special phone number provided on a flyer provided in some resort rooms, you can book a room for stays on selected 2008 dates at a Walt Disney World resort and receive a discount of 20% off rack rates at Value resorts; 30% off rack rates at Moderate and Deluxe resorts; or 40% off rack rates at DVC/Deluxe Villa resorts.

The specific dates include:

Value resorts, 20% off most nights 3/30/08-4/21/08; 8/10/08-9/27/08; 10/19/08-11/1/08; 11/9/08-11/15/08; 11/30/08-12/13/08.

Moderate resorts, 30% off most nights 3/30/08-4/21/08; 8/10/08-9/27/08; 10/19/08-11/1/08; 11/9/08-11/15/08; 11/30/08-12/13/08.

Deluxe resorts, 30% off most nights 3/30/08-4/21/08; 8/10/08-9/27/08; 10/19/08-11/1/08; 11/9/08-11/15/08; 11/30/08-12/13/08.

DVC/Deluxe Villa resorts, 40% off most nights 3/30/08-4/21/08; 8/10/08-9/27/08; 10/19/08-11/1/08; 11/9/08-11/15/08; 11/30/08-12/13/08.

If you don’t get the offer on a flyer in your room, I’ve also seen reports that the resort TV channel was showing this offer.

Reservation for your next vacation must be made before you check out to qualify, and there are no exceptions made. A deposit of one night’s room and tax is required at time of reservation.


Wow good deals!- thanks guys for the info-much appreciated as always!


I was definitely considering the bounceback offer at AKL when we were there in Jan. Great offer!


I didn’t keep the paper in our room but that sounds like what we were offered in December.


I hope they offer that in July when we are there.


Not to sound like I’m trying to be difficult I doubt you’ll get a bounce back offer in July, it’s too busy that time of year. We usually go in July (we’ve only missed one July in 5 years) and have never gotten a bounce back offer any year since 2003.


We didn’t get the offer in August or December last year. I think I am going to pout.


I got the offer when I was at ASMusic in April. I booked NOJ weekend. I’m hoping for either my birthday or the day I have to bring my mother to the airport in Oct(birthday)(airport in Nov).


They could easily and logically offer a bounceback to July guests. They just won’t be able to bounce back in July:laugh:. That is why they call them black out periods. I’m not saying they will or won’t, just that it makes sense if they do in order to drive future occupancies during slower periods.


You can inquire about this at the front desk. We did not get a flyer and had no idea what the number was to call. I knew about it from all of my wonderful MBers, so we inquired at Guest Services and they gave me the number (this was at POP). We are bouncing back this Sept. with free dining.


Oh well now I know too! :happy: It never occurred to me to ask.


It always pays to ask!
What’s the worst they can say? No.


Yup, the worst they can say is no. Never hurts to ask.


Yes, this is what my realtor always says, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”


The Bounceback someone listed above was what I was just offered when I was there last week. I called my aunt to tease her about booking another trip but she called us back the day after we checked out and were on our way to visit my other aunt in Port St Lucie so it was too late. She was going to tell me to go ahead and do it! Oh well.


Thanks to all who’ve answered mine and many others’ questions regarding the Bounceback. I’m putting this on my list of important items to remember for our December trip.


If we get offered a Bounceback in Sept., I plan on booking. You can always cancel later if it doesn’t work into your future vacation schedule.