Bounceback offers


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 I didn't know where to post this so I just picked here.  If it is in the wrong spot feel free to move it.  I've read here about people getting bounceback offers while they are at WDW.  What exactly is that?  Is it a deal that you get if you book right away?  Do you have to pay up front?  Can you change your mind after you leave?  Does everyone get offered a deal?  I'm hoping I get offered one when I am there in Sept. because I really want to take DD back to WDW for her 10th bday next year.  Thanks for the answers.



I’m not sure how it has worked for other people, but the last time we were there, there was an offer on the table right in our room at All-Star Music - if we booked a new trip during our current stay, they were offering a great package deal with free dining included. It was only available for certain dates within the following year, and we had to book during our current trip to get it, but it was a great deal! It was an even better deal than if we had booked a free dining package while at home. I wish we could have taken advantage of it.


It’s basically if you are staying in a Disney resort. Somewhere in the room they display info with a bounceback offer. If you book while you are still on your original vacation for another vacation within certain dates you can get a discount. Typically they are pretty good discounts and sometimes Free Dining is even included in the bouncebacks. I’ve never done it so I’m not real clear on the payments but I am guessing it’s like booking any other Disney package and giving a $200 deposit and paying the balance off by 60 days out.


We’ve been offered bouncebacks when it was time to check out. They’ve always been great deals, but we haven’t ever taken advantage of them because you have to pony up your $200 deposit, and we’ve just spent all that money on our trip, and it hurts way too much to shell out another big ol’ chunk of money!:laugh:


LOL missy I can see your point! I am thinking of taking an extra $200 with me just so I can book another trip if the dates are good. I am quickly running out of paychecks to pay for this trip as it is so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the answers everyone.


The last 2 yrs. during free dining, there was no bounceback in our room. Just call the front desk and they will give you the extension to call from your room to book the bounceback. You do it over the phone, so you need to pay the $200 deposit by credit card. It is not the same as making a reservation with a 14 day grace period to pay the deposit. You can always book before you leave to go home and cancel anytime if you decide that it is not right for you.


Great to know…thanks for the info!


That is great to know!!


On our trip in March we finally had a bounceback offer and we were able to book a room for 30% off. It was only for select dates, but I only had to put down a one night’s deposit, since it was not a package. :slight_smile: