Just curious if anyone returning from a recent trip had the bounce back offer in their room and did you take advantage of it??


There has usually been a bounceback offer of one sort or another in our room for the past 2 years. I’ve never bothered with the bounceback offers because I don’t like being forced to plan a vacation 6 months to a year out on a moment’s notice. Right now, I also have no need because I’ve got a PIN code for as much as 40% off rack rate that’s good until the second week in December. Also, having an AP, it’s just as likely that an equal discount or almost as good discount will be offered for my travel dates anyway and I’ll have the luxury of not having to make a jump decision based on an in room offer that I must use before I check out.


Hey, did you see AP discounts came out? They are really good, around 40% off through Dec 20 something.


I am going to be there from Sept 11-19 and I am prepared to book a vacation for next October if I can get a good bounceback offer. I have my fingers crossed for a free dining offer. Does anyone know if you can request a certain bounceback offer or if you have to take what you are given? I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst they can do is laugh and say no.


Yep! I always notice the bounce back offer as well!


I hope you’ll come to our meet and greet on the 14th. I will be there the same time as you and I’ll be looking for a bounce back offer. If there is nothing in your room you should definitely ask at guest services.


Yes, just returned a few weeks ago and there was a bounceback and I was ready to book our vacation in march, but it was only good through the end of the year. My guess is that its because the new rates had not come out.


Where is the meet and greet going to be? On the 14th we will be in MK so I hope that is where it is. Let me know the details and hopefully we can drop by.


I just got back yesterday and they had the bounceback offer in our room-WL. The offer was 40% off deluxe villas and 30% off deluxe for only this year. I inquired about it for next years vacation only to find out its only good until the end of Dcember 2009 with block out dates. HUMMMM I could have sworn in the past it was always for the following year.


yes, I just returned from staying at BWI and there was a 40% off offer sitting on the desk. I didn’t read it too closely since we weren’t ready to book another trip yet.


There were bounceback offers in the past where the offer was to book for next year and get free dining, but of course, every bounceback offer I’ve ever seen has been valid only if you booked while still on Disney property.
Not that I’m made of money, but I don’t really pay attention to bouncebacks because I don’t want to commit to something on short notice.


The meet is at Epcot at 4pm in Canada. Ill be there with bells on. Maybe not bells but perhaps Mickey ears:laugh:


Awwww that sucks. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it : ( How about you guys really come up to Canada and visit? We can have it in my back yard LOL


I thought of another two questions about bouncebacks. Can you book a vacation for more than one year away from when you are there at that time? I will be there in Sept but would want to book a bounceback for October the following year. Can I do that? Also, can I add people to the offer? It is just me and my daughter going in September but I was talking to a friend and we thought maybe they could come too next October if they could get in on the deal too. Can I book a bounceback for a larger party? Thanks for the answers.


what does the bounce back include??
free dinning for some dates?
discount on park admission?
what about flights??

can anyone help?


I think there are a few different offers available. As far as I know there isn’t one for flights. They are either room discounts or free dining. I could be wrong though.


The bounceback we had was on rooms or packages that included tickets, but the discount was for the room only, and the offer was only good until the end of the year. Also, there were quite a few dates that were blocked.


Bounceback being offered right now was for room only discounts (up to 40%) good until the end of the year with some blackout dates. Nothing offered yet for booking any trips in 2010. May have something out soon once they release new rates for 2010.