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Ok Boys and Girls…here is one that is FOR REAL…

Bounty is donating $500,000 to charity and you get to vote by sending e-cards. This is REALLY a chance to help Make-A-Wish win first place and grant a bunch of wishes.

And the number one all time favorite wish…

:mickey: TRIP TO SEE THE MOUSE :mickey:

Bounty - Cards That Count


Oh that is so cool!


This promotion is about to come to a close and Make-A-Wish has barely snuck in the lead.

Bounty is giving away $500,000 with the winner getting $300,000 and the others getting $100,000.

That extra $200,000 is over 40 more wishes that Make-A-Wish can grant as the average wish is right at $5,000. (:mickey: Disney wishes :tinkerbell: are MUCH less thanks to the support of generous support of WDW and Universal, etc. So that’s upwards of 80 Disney Wishes!!!)

How many wishes are there? A lot.

Here our local chapter, Make-A-Wish of Eastern Virginia, grants a wish nearly every three days! :blush:

You can help just by sending an e-card which is a vote. Send as many as you like. Thanks.


I just send a two ~ birthday ones, it’s not their birthday, but that’s the MAW one.


sent a few to myself to support make a wish :slight_smile:


This is terrific! I will send some of these…


How fun…and for a good cause too. :happy:


This is great and for for a good cause, I just sent a couple!


SHAMELESS Bump. Make-A-Wish is in the lead but I’m gready. I want to keep it that way AND I want the EXTRA $200k for “my” wish kids.

Please send a card. No cost, no obligation, your breath will smell minty fresh and your teeth will be brighter. :biggrin:


Great cause, I just sent mine!


How cool! Thanks for sharing this website.



Make-A-Wish is in the lead. Sending a free ecard is a vote!

$300,000 is enough for almost 70 kid’s wishes!!!


I never saw this the first time. I just sent 10. Make A Wish is a great organization. My DHs cousin’s child went to WDW from them. It was one of the last things he did in his young life.


It’s sad to here that when we loose kids, but the feedback is wonderful memories away from the routines of doc & drugs, even if only for a few days.

Thanks for sharing.