Bragging on DD


Last night, DD (with a little help from me) cooked an amazing Ohana themed dinner. We all had virgin strawberry daquaris in coconuts for before dinner drinks and the field greens salad with strawberry vinagareete dressing and the sweet n sour shrimp for appetizers. Then, we had the grilled steak and turkey and the peanut dipping sauce with green beans and cheesy potatoes with Hawaiian bread. For dessert, we had bread pudding with banana foster sauce. Everything was made using the Ohana recipes found on All Ears Net. Because the shrimp, steak, and turkey had to marinate for 2 days before cooking a lot of time and preparation, it took 3 days to make this amazing meal.

We invited DD’s best friend and her mother to enjoy our Ohana meal with us. They are almost as big of Disney freaks as us. :laugh: Everyone dressed in Hawaiian clothes and wore leis from Ohana. We were playing our Lilo and Stitch soundtrack CD in the background.

It was so nice to share our favorite foods from one of our favorite restaurants with friends who share our love of Disney. It was also nice to see that DD is becoming a pretty good cook as she is growing up. Maybe, just maybe I am rubbing off a bit on her…:wub:


That sounds sooo good. Did you make the Honey Lime dressing Ohanas has or the Strawberry one?


We made the strawberry one. Did Ohana change the dressing? Last time we were there, they had the Strawberry vinagarette. Yum.


When were you there??? I was there in Jan and it was Honey lime. Please say it wasnt after that. I NEED the honey lime dressing in Sept


We were there in December.


That all sounds delicious!! What a great idea for a party! :happy:
Congrats to your DD for making such a masterpiece! :heart:


Sounds wonderful! What a good time!


What an awesome way to spend an evening!! Any pictures?


Sounds delicious!


We have some pictures that my friends mom took. I’ll see if i can get a copy of those from her when my friend comes over tonight.


What a great way to spend an evening with family and friends!!