Brandon's Trip from April 19th - 26th


Coming soon! I promise I will get this started soon. But we need to get laundry done… groceries and some other stuff done before I will have time start with my report…

But some highlights of the trip…

  • Old Key West Resort
  • Weather
  • Le Celier
  • La Nouba!!!
  • Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Some lowlights of the trip…

  • Disney Buses to and from Old Key West
  • Sore Throat

More to come soon I promise.


awe I cant wait to hear all about it .


I am so excited to read your TR. I am going to La Nouba in September and can’t wait to hear about your experience. No spoilers though, please! :smile:


I cant wait to read more. We just ordered Cirque tickets this week so I’m really interested in hearing about that.


I would like to hear about the Keys to the Kingdom tour. I’ve always considered it but never booked it. And, if you have pictures that would be awesome!!


Welcome home Brandon! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. You low light of “bus service at OKW” just made me glad that I decided to do the rental car this time for sure. I wasn’t all that thrilled with their buses last time…they weren’t horrible, but it ws hit or miss on a day-to-day basis. Get caught up and hurry back so we can get the details!!


Sounds like there were more positives than anything else! I can’t wait to see your TR. We did the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ tour in November and loved it, I can’t wait to hear who your guide was and what you loved about it. I am a little nervous about this mention of OKW buses, we’re staying there in Oct. without a rental car. I am a bit nervous now.

Hurry, hurry!


Yayay!!! Welcome back!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip and about OKW!


Welcome back Brandon. Man that went fast, seems like you just left. Looking forward to you tr and pictures.


Sore throat? :sad:


Worse thing to have on a trip… :crying:

Hope the good stuff outweighed the bad…


Day 1, Saturday April 19th

Brandon - Me
Greg - My Partner
Joey - Good Friend and roommate (went with us last year)
Juanita - Friend (went with us last year)
Dwain - Friend and Juanita’s boyfriend (went with us last year)

We had a 7:30 flight out of Dayton to Cincinnati. Left on time for the short 65 mile flight. Arrived in Cincinnati right around 8AM.

Our flight from Cincinnati to Orlando didn’t leave until 9 so we went to the Delta Crown Club and had some fruit and muffins for breakfast.

We boarded our flight and arrived in Orlando around 10:50AM. Since we never received our Magical Express luggage tags we went ahead and picked up our luggage and carried it onto the bus with us. We met up with Juanita and Dwain. We all headed to the Magical Express counter and after Greg stood in the line for about 20 minutes we headed over to the bus lines. As soon as we got into the bus line for OKW they started to load the bus. OKW was the first stop for our ME bus as well.

We get to OKW and the check in process was going so slow. We got to the counter very quickly but they said we didn’t have the dining plan on our reservation. Luckily I had the copy of our reservation form that DVC mailed to us after I made the reservations and showed them that it says we did have the dining plan. So our cast member disappears into the back. She comes back like 15 minutes later and says that she has it fixed. Well she lied, all she had on there was Greg’s dining plan, not mine or Joey’s (our friend that went and stayed with us as well). So 15 minutes later, she returns again and finally gets our key to the world cards and we also received a package from giftsbybetsy which was the mouse ears i had ordered for the 5 of us. Now while we were checking in Juanita and Dwain checked in and had absolutely no problems. I made their reservations at the same time I made ours.

After checking in and finding that Juanita and Dwain’s room was ready but that ours wasn’t we went up to their room, which was in the same building as our and we put our luggage into their room.

We then headed to Olivia’s to grab some lunch because by this time it is almost 2pm and we are all starved.

None of us wanted to eat too much because we were having dinner at 530pm but we all new we would never make it until then to eat.

So at Olivia’s we all ate the following.
Me - Caesar Salad (pretty good, i wasn’t expecting the entire head of romaine lettuce to come out on my plate)
Greg - Ancho Bourbon Chicken Wings (I really liked the sauce but the wings needed to be cooked a little longer in my opinion)
Joey - Turkey Club sandwich (He says it was really good)
Juanita and Dwain - Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwhich (They split this sandwich and said it was really good)

We then headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios
We entered the park and went to Tower and Rock 'n Roller Coaster and they both had no fast passes left and the wait time was like 90 minutes. Since Greg and Dwain were the only ones going on either ride we decided to hold out until our full DHS day.

We then headed to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. We all really like this show so we were glad to see it again. We then headed to the animation studio and drew Donald Duck. I suck at drawing but i enjoy going in and at least trying to draw the characters.

When we got out of the animation studio it was time to head to dinner. Tonight we were eating at Hollywood and Vine. We all really enjoyed this buffet. The mashed potatoes, corn cake, and turkey were some big favorites at our table.

After dinner we did some shopping and some pin trading. We then headed to One Man’s Dream. And then it was time for Fantasmic. Fantasmic was great as usual. Our favorite nighttime show.

We then exited the park to go back to the resort and get a good nights sleep. DHS was open until 10PM this night but we were all pretty tired from traveling.

We get to the bus stop and this is where our bus troubles begin. We waited for a good 30 minutes at least for the bus to arrive. Luckily the bus trip from DHS to OKW is pretty short.

Well that is the end of day one. I am working on uploading pictures and will get some posted for you shortly.


Yayaya!!! Great TR!
How weird about the reservations…at least they sort of got in fixed eventually!!


Great to see a TR and hopefully some pics. Thanks so much for sending the post cards to my family! My greadmo really got a kick out of it. What is gifts by betsy? Do you know the website?


Ohhhh. Love the TR! Cant’ wait for the rest.


PS. Woody and Buzz Lightyear sent my son a postcard…Hmmm I wonder who told them that we were coming!?!

Thanks Brandon, Ty loved his mail. He shows it to everyone! :flowers:


Wow, Disney reservations is having a few mess ups lately . . . they really need to update their system!!

Can’t wait to see your pics and read the rest of your TR . . . hope you are feeling better now?


Welcome Back Brandon, great start!!


Enjoying your TR!! Keep it coming, and I can’t wait to see some pics.

Now I’m a little nervous, because I don’t have anything in writing about our DDP being added to our reservation (because I did it via phone after I booked initially), so I’m gonna call tomorrow and make sure it is added, and that they fax or email me something in writing!!


Brandon, ok, I must confess. I just went & looked at all of your vacation pictures on My Space.

I know, I know… I shake my presents before Christmas too.


Welcome Back Great Tr So Far


I was wrong on the name it is Memories By Betsy… the website it