Breakfast ADR's


We’re staying at the POR in late July and I’d like to make some breakfast reservations at both MK and AK. Does anyone see any issues getting to these parks for a 8:00 or 8:30 ADR? I see several people suggesting taxis but I’d rather not do that if possible.

This is my ADR line-up. Any thoughts?

July 24 - 'Ohana (Dinner)6:00pm
July 25 - Crystal Palace (Breakfast)8:30am
July 26 - Chef Mickey (Breakfast)8:30am
July 27 - Le Cellier (Dinner)6:00pm
July 28 - REST DAY - Rainforest Cafe-DTD (Lunch)1:00pm Boatwrights-POR (Dinner)8:00pm
July 29 - Tuskerhouse (Breakfast)8:00am
July 30 - Coral Reef (Dinner)6:00pm
July 31 - Sci-Fi (Lunch)1:00pm


We’ve had early ADRs before, and have not had a problem using Disney transportation to get there. In fact, it’s nice, because chances are, you’ll be the only ones on the bus/monorail, and you’ll be at the park already when it opens. I love getting super early breakfast ADRs, because then we get pics in front of the park icons with no one else in the background!


What time can I start calling for ADRs?


An ADR for 8:30am shouldn’t present a problem when using Disney transportation that time of year. The buses run an hour and a half (I think) prior to park opening. In July, the parks should be open by 8, 9 at the latest. Have a great time!


Did you make your ADRs yet? If you have not, make them first thing in the morning, I think you are at your 90 mark-I will be there July 20-27 and my 90 days where Monday.


got on the phone this morning at 7:20am and was finished with everything including the “survey” by 7:54am. The man you helped me was fantastic and helped with some suggestions such as letting me know to make seating choices at the restaurants that warrant them and the fact that a couple places have evening movies each night. We even made our Ohana reservation a little later so that we could get a nice seat for Wishes. We even got our reservation for Le Cellier with no problem either!!!

Thanks for everyone’s help with our ADRs. Now the next step is getting to the plane out of our lovely extremely busy airport here in Atlanta!