Breakfast at Epcot


Is there a good place to have Breakfast at Epcot? What about MGM?


for Table service there is the Princess Storybook breakfast in Norway and I think the Electric Umbrella has fast foodish breafast.

At MGM there is the Bear and the big blue house breakfast at Hollywood and Vine and I think there are pastries and some breakfast items around the park. I haven’t had breakfast at that park since the old minnie and gang character meal that is gone, so I don’t have many places to tell you to go.


We did the Princess Storybook breakfast at Epcot…it was okay… if you have little girls in your party I would recommend it…the food was okay…


I personally hated it, but I know my opinion is not the normal one. They have improved from what I hear, but when I went it was horrible. Nothing could make me go back there.


We had breakfast at the Electric Umbrella on a Friday morning around 10am. It was OK. Also had chocolate croissant at the Fountainview Bakery another morning, which was very tasty.


I know this isn’t the question, but we really enjoyed Donald’s Breakasauros (however you spell it) at the Animal Kingdom


We usually have breakfast before heading out to the parks, but I’ve always liked to stop at the food court in the Land at Epcot to grab a cinnamon roll or pastry, just something to snack on in line for Soarin’. YUMMMMMM :happy:


Ive heard very mixed reviews over the Princess breakfast ( Akerhaus isn’t it?) in Norway but we are definately going to ty this one out for ourselves when we are there next. Other than that I am not sure where in Epcot you can eat for breakfast apart from the Electric Umbrella.

Does the Garden Grill do Brekkie or is that just Lunch onwards?


MGM has the Commisary too


Starring Rolls bakery in MGM carries some breakfast foods.


It’s not in Epcot, but Spoodles on the Boardwalk is open for breakfast. I’ve only had dinner there, but if it’s as good as that, it should be pretty good. It’s just a short walk to Epcot.


That’s where we had breakfast in MGM…muffins and stuff like that.
Not too much in the way of seating though.


I dont know about epcot , or MGM for breakfast. But the character breakfast at Animal Kindom was good. It had great character interaction ( even for adults) and had a wide varity of food.


What’s that little pastry shop in France? My girls truly adore it.


Boulangerie Patisserie. It’s wonderful. One of it’s best kept secrets are the light lunches you can get there.


Back in the day when all of EPCOT opened at the same time in the morning, upon entering the park we would make a beeline to the French pastry shop for our morning vittles. I love the ham and cheese croisant.


The best thing to do is to eat at the hotel the days you are going to Epcot or MGM. We finally gave up on eating breakfast at either of these two parks. Lunch and dinner are a different thing.


OMG…I love that place. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it!


Fountainview bakery has great pastries, muffins, croissants, etc, but they also have quiches and breakfast sandwiches (on croissants or bagels I think). Food is pretty yummy, but the wait is long, and it’s a bit pricey for a single item. Electric Umbrella or the land food court (haven’t yet tried either yet) might be a better bet…


The Garden Grill only serves lunch and dinner. (What a great lunch though!!)

We like to get one of the breakfast pastries at Fountainview and watch the fountain show. There’s one that’s a bit like a strudel and has egg, cheese and sausage inside that just melts in your mouth!