Breakfast at grand floridian or polynesian


Which is better…lilo and stitch or the mary poppins breakfast and how many credits do they take


Both restaurants take 1TS credit per person.

Ohana is very highly rated, but unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to dine here, yet. It’s quite popular and can be difficult to get into.

I did dine at 1900 Park Fare last weekend, though, and enjoyed it very much. It was our favorite character dining of the week. The food was surprisingly good, we got great character interaction, as well as great service.


We’ve only done O’hana with Lilo and Stitch (twice) and loved it both times. My sister and her family recently did 1900 PF and also loved it. I think they’re both probably great, so I’d go with whichever characters/atmosphere you think you (or your family) would enjoy more.


I am working on trying to set my desired adr (as you can tell i am asking a ton of questions)…we have deluxe dining now for 8 days - so, i might be able to do both…


I’ll take the buffet and the Mad Hatter and Tigger over a limited menu and family service with Lilo and Stitch every single time. And the bonus is you can actually converse with Alice and The Hatter (and Mary as well) because they’re face characters.
Did I say omelet station?
Although, if you haven’t done breakfast at 'Ohana before, I would not automatically rule it out. Plenty of people love it (just not me). And you will have plenty of table credits, even if you eat breakfast every day and a signature dinner every night.


Love the Ohana breakfast and although you cannot actually have a mutual conversation with any of the characters here, there is still great interaction with Stitch and Lilo and the team. Ohana’s itself is beautiful and the atmosphere is second to none. It is by far our favorite and always has been . We have not eaten breakfast at 1900 PF as yet ( although this is planned for our next trip)and up until now I have to say I was unsure of whether or not there were any characters at the breakfast so to hear that there is Alice and others there is a treat.

If you have the time and the cash or credits…go do them both!!! :laugh:


Oh I agree. Do both of them! I have never had the opportunity to try Park Fare, but it receives wonderful reviews. Ohana is one of our favorites.


If I had to choose only 1 between the 2…1900 Park Fare, definitely.


We love both of these places. I agree with the others, if you can do both, do it!!

As SG mentioned, Park Fare is a buffet with lots of options. (I love the Lobster Eggs Benedict):wub: The characters are great to interact with. DH and I had such a fun time with Alice & Mary Poppins last trip. Also the Mad Hatter is hysterical. It was a nice opportunity to have some quality time with the characters you may not see so frequently.

Ohana Breakfast is also one of our favorites too. The meal is served family style, so you don’t have to leave your table. The eggs are really good and the waffles are really fresh (request hot syrup for them) Also the fresh fruit, pineapple bread and the juice are yummo. The usual characters are always fun and the parade is cute for all the kids. The Poly is a wonderfully themed resort and always makes for a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Bottom line, you can’t really lose with either…but do both!!!:laugh:


mmmmmmmmmmm-pineapple bread…yummy! That has to be one of my fave Disney foods!


I like the Polynesian’s breakfast. Get the earliest seating you possibly can…like opening. you will have the place and the characters to yourself. I have had my BEST character experiences at that restaurant.


We too love Ohana’s for breakfast. We love that you don’t have to leave the table to get food. Food is great, characters are great and the kids love to do the parade around the restaurant. One time our DS was 3 at that time and he got to hold Tigger’s hand around the whole restaurant. That made his trip.

Really we book our character dining around which characters the kids want to see most, that should make an easier pick for you.


I agree! And the Lilo Juice and Pineapple bread . . . view of the castle! :wub: Just Awesome! :happy: