Breakfast at seaworld?


We are going to Seaworld one day and will be at Royal Pacific in the morning, we do not want a huge breakfast just a counterservice or something like that. Does anyone know if there are any restaurants at Seaworld like that? We do not want a buffet, just something quick and easy!!!


I must admitt that I don’t remember seeing any places for breakfast there…they must have something however. Try their website…I know there is a breakfast character thingy,but I am not certain about a counter place.


I’ll be there on May 2 . . . I’ll see if I can grab you a menu or take a picture or something . . . that is if you can’t find it on the website!! :happy:


I don’t recall much early morning. But then I’m in park commando mode at 9:00, not dining mode.


Why not grab breakfast at the hotel before you leave?


Royal Pacific has a very good breakfast. Their berry pancakes are huge and could be shared! Yummy!


Do they have something other than the buffet?


Thanks their website does not have alot of info on CS for any meal!!!


There are quite a few counter service options at Sea World I just can’t remember what they are right now. I will look it up for you.


Hope this helps you. SeaWorld Orlando Menus




I believe there is a bakery near the front of the park with really yummy and freshed baked goods. They bake them fresh each day. It is Cafe something.