Breakfast Buffet without characters


We are heading down in February and my oldest DS will turn 17 while we are there. Thinking breakfast buffet celebration - the kids love the waffles! What the least expensive breakfast buffet. characters or no characters. What would you choose?


Least expensive non-character meal is Pepper Market at CSR. I think least expensive character meal is Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare.
There’s also Swolphin and they have characters on weekends.


I agree with mickeybug.


Don’t forget Boma. And while you’re charged for beverages at Pepper Market, they’re included at Boma.


Agree with Soundgod. Boma is fantastic. Plus, I am NOT a fan of Pepper Market. It’s just weird and the food did not appeal to us or our kids AT ALL.


One of the reasons we didn’t like staying at CSR was the odd food court…after I was charged a “sitting fee” for a cup of take out coffee, I vowed never to stay there again unless I have to…


Agreed. There is something really, really wrong with that food court.


Unfortunately we had to stay there a couple visits due to all the moderates being filled…but now I think I would pay more to stay in a deluxe than stay at CSR again…


It’s not a buffet, but I think the very best breakfast at WDW is Kona Cafe.


What about Trails End? I believe it was very inexpensive and good! Also, my teenage boys loved messing with Chip and Dale at Chef Mickey if you do decide on a character meal after all.


I was just going to suggest that one!


I’d like to hear more about Trails End. We haven’t ever done it… how weird is that?


Agree hands down. This would be my #1 recommendation, however it’s not the least expensive that you’re looking for but so worth it.


We kind of stumbled across this one when we went horseback riding at Ft. Wilderness. Were starving after a morning at the ranch:happy: so decided to try it. I believe it was around $15 for a buffet. Had awesome, homemade food. The eggs were fresh, ham was awesome, some kind of cobbler that was straight out of Grandma’s kitchen. I’ve never had eggs benedict, so not sure if theirs is normal, but it had bbq pork on it. Soooo good! The staff was great. Again, down to earth, like you were having breakfast at their log cabin.


I can certainly understand how buffets are a good choice when you have teenage boys - for us it’s the opposite. We don’t eat enough to justify the price of the buffet. I always thought that Kona was really quite reasonable, cost-wise. That being said - I’d like to try the Trail’s End Buffet.


I would agree with Trails End. It is a bit out of the way but with the boat from MK it is not bad. Crystal Palace would be my first choice though. Best breakfast around with Characters. Kona is hit an miss with apparently a lot of misses lately. Cold food is becoming the norm there from the last two people I spoke to that went there. I’ve quit recommending it.


Personally, I really like CSR’s Casitas section (bus stop locations). And for a time, the only mod with queen beds.
There’s no law that says you have to eat at the food court. They do have a semi decent buffet in the sit down restaurant for breakfast and the dinner menu was good.
Naturally though, if I had the money for WL, CR, or AKL, I wouldn’t stay at a mod.

As always, everyone’s experiences and opinions vary.


We did breakfast at Trail’s End and liked it. Basically comfort food in a homey setting.