Breakfast: Cinderella's Royal Table vs. Akershus


I was wondering if anyone who has been to both CRT in the Magic Kingdom and the Princess Storybook breakfast at Akershus in EPCOT could share their experiences and comparisons between the 2 meals. I made PS for both meals, in case we couldn’t get CRT. (which is the hardest character meal to get into!)

My parents and I ate breakfast CRT Sunday morning and Akershus Thursday morning. Cinderella’s Royal Table was a delight! The food was great; even though the menu was much more limited that buffet restaurants, the quality of the food was probably the best of the breakfast meals I attended. Character inteaction was great (probably 2nd best in character inteaction of the character meals I attended next to Chef Mickey’s), and the dining hall was undoubtedly the quietest of all the charcter meal restaurants I went to on my trip.

The Princess Storybook Breakfast at Akershus, however, was another story. The food wasn’t that great (average at best), character interaction was quite rushed, the service wasn’t so great, and the dining hall was VERY loud and noisy! The best thing about our breakfast at Akershus was meeting Mulan. We even ran into Mulan again at the World Showcase China pavillion, who was on her way to a break from meet & greet sets. She said to us “Hi again, see you real soon!” :wink:

Anybody else with to share their experiences and comparisions between the 2 character meals (from their experience)? If so, feel free to post! :mickey:


I have been to both and pick CRT over the PSB. I did not care for the seating arrangements or the service at PSB. I felt crammed in and constantly got bumped everytime a princess came around. That and I thought the slow service was ridiculous. I am one of the few who have had a bad experience there however. I just like the total package of CRT. You get to eat breakfast in the castle which is pretty cool all by itself. The food and service is always perfect and the characters are wonderful.

To go into detail about PSB, I had the same poor experienceas you and will never go there again. The service was slower than slow and we had one of the first seatings of the day. The waiter stuck the kids next to me in the chairs next to the wall, so they had to climb out and greet the princesses everytime they came around. I blame the mindless mother who kept watching her kids banging my chair to greet the princesses and it never occured to her to move them. The tables were so small too…we had no room for anything on that table. This is one of the times I wished I fibbed and said me and my DD were a party of 3…lol They also took a deposit when I booked it just like they did at CRT and never credited me the money and more or less called me a liar and said they don’t take deposits for that breakfast…I know what’s in my account.


we had breakfast at both places and though i enjoyed them dearly, the only differences in the restaurants are the location and cinderella’s not at akershus. the food is exactly the same thing that you eat at CRT. PSB is much easier to get a PS than CRT. that’s another difference too. you will have a good time though with both of them. PSB does have a tendency to have other princess visitors as well, like esmerelda from hunchback and pocahontas, from what i read.


The food and atmosphere at CRT is much better than at PSB, in my opinion. Nothing beats eating in the castle and overlooking the park and the stuffed french toast is yummy. The service was much better at CRT also. At PSB, the service was slow and the food was mediocre. We waited a long time for each princess to come by. That being said, I don’t know if we’ll be doing CRT again since they raised the prices. That is an awful lot of money for breakfast.


I am now second guessing our decision to have breakfast at PSB in March. We’ve never done a character meal for breakfast before, always thought is was way too much money for eggs and sausage, but DD really wants to meet the princesses. Wonder what we should do??


I would say if your daughter really wants to see the princesses, you should go ahead with it. Think of the memories you’ll make. You might want to consider changing it from PSB to CRT, depending on your week in March, you might find some openings.


We have done both. I will agree that there is nothing like dining in the castle. We sat at a window and having breakfast in the castle looking over the park was well worth it. And we not only got to see the princesses but Mary Poppins was there as well. We were so dissapointed our last trip when our reservation was cancelled due to hurricane Wilma. We enjoyed the food and the service was great. The character interaction was great and not rushed at all at the castle.

PSB we have done twice. We enjoy this one as well but it is very different from CRT. First of all the magic and the feel of dining in the castle is not there. This last trip the service was not quite as good as it was the year before but the princesses were still great. Here we get to see a few of the other princesses as well.

Any character meal is worth doing if the character’s are the reason you are going. Of course my favorite - CHEF MICKEY’S! :mickey:


The only other thing to keep in mind is how much the price of CRT has gone up. When you factor that in, it tends to sway the choices more towards PSB for some people.


And if your daughter really likes Cinderella, remember she isn’t at PSB. And with the new prices at CRT it’ll include photos of your daughter with the princesses.

It’s a tough choice isn’t it?


We’ve been to both and have had good experiences at both but eventhough I like CRT better, I will not go back with the new inflated prices. For a once in a lifetime special occasion, I would say CRT, otherwise PSB should please little prince and princesses just as well.


I happen to be one of the only people who enjoyed Akershus atleast the same, if not better than CRT. We did them both in September, 4 days apart. I felt the food quality to be about the same, but the small fruit cocktail was nice at CRT…but the yummy cinnamon buns at Akershus were good as well. I felt CRT was a little pretentious, and the atmosphere was nice to see, but nothing dazzling. Akershus was a little more down to earth for me, and the princess interaction was FAR better there for us than at CRT. I felt they spent more personal time with my DD and there was more of a constant flow, rather than huge lag times between princesses. We saw Mulan and Ariel at Akershus, who weren’t at CRT, and Ariel is a biggie for my DD. Also, the line to meet the Fairy Godmother when exiting CRT was ridiculous, we couldn’t even get down the stairs to pass her to get to the exit, forget about waiting in line for a picture! Honestly, on my next trip, I’ll book Akershus over CRT, and that is not even taking into account pricing.


Thank you! I feel better now. DD really wants to meet Ariel!!


Your experience sure was different from mine. The character interaction on my trip was a lot better at CRT than Akershus. At CRT, Cinderella was in the lobby greeting guests (the line was fairly long, but not ridiculously so). Inside the dining hall were Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Mary Poppins. At Akershus, Cinderella was not there, but had the same characters visting the guests’ tables inside the dining hall that CRT had; Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins; plus Mulan.

The characters spent more time at the guests tables at CRT, and the interaction with guests was generally better. The characters spent less time with the guests at Akershus, and seemed quite rushed.

Oh and BTW, we ran into Aladdin between the entrance at EPCOT and Innoventions on the way out of the park that night. He was very personable, and even gave us directions out to our spot in the parking lot in case the tram wasn’t running. He also added that Jasmine often appeared at Akershus at all 3 meals (since Akershus now has character dining at Lunch and Dinner as well), and sometimes she appeared at CRT for Breakfast and Lunch (the latter meal was recently added for character dining there).

The best character interaction (at character meals or ANYWHERE at WDW) was at Chef Mickey’s, where I had dinner late Wednesday night after the fireworks; which was a sneak preview of the holiday fireworks show, complete with Tinker Bell dressed in a red and green lighted outfit!
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale were inside the dining hall while Donald was at the buffet bar. Each of the 5 characters inside the dining hall stopped by our table more than once (after finishing all the guests tables, they started all over again); in fact, Minnie came to our table 4 times! :biggrin:


WOW! DC read my mind - we were just discussing this for our trip in June and not being sure where to go.

What about lunches and dishes served. Norwegian food is a majority fish and we’re not fish eaters. We thought of PSB for lunch to break up our day in Epcot is it worth it?


This forum is great. Thanks for all of the information. One question. How do you start a new thread? I can’t figure it out and I have so many questions for everyone. Thanks.