Breakfast Lasagne at Crystal Palace


My favorite dish at the Crystal Palace breakfast is the Breakfast Lasagne…I know sounds gross, but it’s to die for…anyway, I heard a rumor from a friend that recently went that she could not find the Lasagne but in it’s place was a Peach Cobbler…someone PLEASE tell me she just didn’t look in the right place and my favorite dish is still there. I didn’t eat there last year and have been looking soooo forward to it in Sept.


I’ve read on another board that the rumor is true.


Darn…I liked that dish too.

#4 just says: Menu Items Change Often

So MAYBE it will be there for you when you go?

BUT . . . also had the RECIPE!! ENJOY!!

Recipe - Breakfast Lasagna - Crystal Palace


what was in this lasagne?


The recipe is in post above. I’ve never seen it but it looks like there’s A LOT in it.


hahaha thats nothing like what i thought i would be. sounds AMAZING though! yum yumm yumm!


Holy Cow, there is a lot in it!:biggrin: Sounds time consuming too.


No kidding, no wonder it was replaced. Actually if they already had the pancakes and waffles on the buffet this wouldn’t be as much work but I can’t imagine making all that from scratch at home.


Me too! I was going to cut and paste it in the thread, but then it kept going . . . and going . . . and going . . . :biggrin:


Not being a fruit lover, I always gave it a pass.
Is it still there? Can’t say. We ate dinner there last week, but not breakfast.


I did a double take to be sure it was all the same recipe. It would have to be really, really good for me to go to that much trouble.


I had breakfast at Crystal Palace last week and it was not on the buffet. I love it!!


What days were you there last week?
We overnighted at Pop Thursday/Friday in building 8.


Thanks everyone…it looks like it’s confirmed that it’s gone. I’m pretty bummed about it…that was my big draw to the CP. I hope I love the Peach Cobbler but I can’t imagine that it’s going to be as good as the lasagne.
Oh well at least I’m aware of the change prior to getting there. i would rather feel disappointment at home and not when I get there.