Breakfast on Theme Park Days?


I read a lot about breakfast at the WDW resorts and in the parks, particularly character breakfasts. I understand CRT is an singularly coveted MK experience but besides that, do we want to spend the start of a park day in a restaurant?

Plan A:
Breakfast at Crystal Palace with WTPoo characters Adult price $18.99 or 1 DDP TS.

Plan B:
POFQ rooms have a small fridge. Dad stocks in milk, juices, breakfast bars etc. While everyone is getting dressed, enough nourishment is consumed to start the day. Rope drop hit attractions from Splash to Dumbo that will be crowded later. 11:30am everyone is ready for a break. ADR at same Crystal Palace, Adult price $20.99 still 1 DDP TS. More food, more choices, same Tigger. Alternately, CS for lunch then same Crystal Palace for dinner, Adult price $27.99 still 1 DDP TS, still more choices, piglet is still cute, Winnie’s just a little fatter.

I like character meals - Goofy never visits my table at the local steak house - but character breakfasts, especially when using DDP TS credits seem to offer the least bang for the credit during the prime touring time of the day.

Except for a few posts about cinnamon rolls with yummies and smilies, I haven’t heard anyone say character breakfast scrambled eggs were a grand culinary experience.

A lot of people do what I’m calling plan A. Maybe I’m missing something, that’s why I’m posting this question:

Character meals are great. On theme park days is it better to schedule a character meal for lunch or dinner?


My thinking is that a big all you can eat breakfast makes for a late snacky lunch or a big dinner later. It helps them stay full for most of the day. When we eat a smaller breakfast we are forced to have a larger lunch. But this is my rule of thumb. I have never done a character meal that was not breakfast. I might try that this time around.


We love the character meals at WDW and do at least one breakfast each trip. We have booked breakfast early and hit the parks at open and we have booked breakfast at the last seating before lunch and liked both. We booked Chef Mickey’s at 7:30 am a few weeks ago and it was great to have breakfast and still fit in what we wanted to do.

We tried Liberty Tree Tavern last year and liked it as much as Chef Mickey’s. That’s now a regular in our plans since the food is good, the characters are fun, and we don’t miss out on that important morning time in the parks. We are not finished with character breakfasts but it’s nice to have another option.


One of my absolute favorite experiences was walking up main street nearly alone before the park opened. That alone is worth and early ADR at CP. For most of the time we do plan B, but if you can get the very early ADR I would recommend that.


i agree w. woohoo. do the big breakfast


I think it all depends on your preference. We are doing two character meals (Chef Mickeys and the Princess Storybook in Norway) and a character lunch (Playhouse Disney) when we go in Sept.


We are going to eat a continental style breakfast in our room and at 10:00, have a late breakfast at CRT. Afterward, we will take my daughter back to the room for a nap. (Her nap time is around 11:00pm) I figure the bigger meal at 10:00 would be filling enough to help her sleep and tide the adults over until an afternoon snack or dinner. I also figure the smaller breakfast in the room will not contribute to being sick in the morning.


We normally eat breakfest at the hotel. DH and DS have a normal size breakfest (usually one of the platters offered) and I stick to the less greasy foods like toast or a croissant or muffin. But for our Sept trip we have a 8:30am reservation at CP. I would have made it even earlier but the others wont be dressed and ready in time. I cant wait to walk through the almost empty Main Street. I have always wanted to be the first one in the park (like that will EVER happen…not!). We plan on having a large breakfest and then snack through the day, have a late lunch or an early dinner, then snack some more…lol btw, Mickey ice cream makes a great lunch. We usually eat at Peco Bill’s for lunch or dinner depending on how hungry we are.


You haven’t seen any of my posts raving that Crystal Palace has an omlet station. An omlet at any WDW restaurant will set you back $12 alone. Add the coffee and juices, breakfast meats, fresh fruit, and it is a big bang for the buck meal. You just might consider paying out of pocket and saving the table service meal for dinner. I’ve raved about Chef Mickey’s as well. Also of note are 1900s Park Fare at the Grand Floridian (w/omlets) and Donald’s Breakfastosaurus (soemtimes w/omlets) in the Animal Kingdom. I’m not as thrilled with Cape May Cafe and Spoodles breakfast buffet looks lame to me. Cinderella’s Royal Table’s breakfast menu does nothing for me, and frankly, face actors kind of creep me out while I can interact with Pluto or Piglet all day. Your question about whether to do breakfast or lunch with characters is a little moot to me. I could eat any meal at Crystal Palace and be happy. Hollywood andVine has started a character meal, but based on the characters they have, I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon. I like breakfast buffets, but for other meals, I’m just as likely to go to a better sit down based on menu as a character meal.


The only think stopping me from doing a character breakfast is that I don’t like to eat alot of food in the morning, and neither does Sissy. Matt doesn’t like standard “breakfast” fare…

SOoooooooooooo…It’s probably a family decision. We’ll be at the food court in the mornings of our stay. Matt will be ordering two sides of bacon and one of potatoes. Sissy and I will split a bagel, or something…Mikie and Caisley will have the standard bowl of cereal and toast…we are SO predictable when it comes to this kind of thing!!!

that being said, I would LOVE to have breakfast in the castle!!!

But, I’ll be saving my character meals for dinnah!


The main reason why I don’t stock the room fridge with breakfast foods and eat there is this. If I’m at WDW, that means I’m on vacation. I equate vacation with eating out. I can have an english muffin with butter or bread with Nutella every day of my life before work. I can’t eat at any WDW restaurants in the morning before work.

Having said that, I wouldn’t advocate a character breakfast every day of your stay. I’d definitely mix up some resort food court meals and other quick theme park spots. But defintely do at least one character breakfast, you won’t regret it. In my opinion CP is the best of the bunch.


We do enjoy going out for breakfast, something we rarely get to do, we also love the characters thus we do go to some of the character breakfasts. Most of them if you have a early ADR you can still make it to the park in time. CRT I always get try to get one of the first meals of the day. You get to walk to the castle with almost no one else in the park and when you are finished eating the park is opening or just opened and you can go right to Fantastyland and get through all the rides before it gets busy!


There is so much food on the dining plan, that I munched on some leftovers from the night before while I was getting ready to hit the parks.

Mmmm… last night’s dessert for breakfast…


For us, the hardest thing about the character breakfasts (although we absolutely love em’, especially in AK and the Poly!) is we want to get into the parks sooooooooo fast, that we really don’t eat a big breakfast!

I would at least do one character beakfast though! We do a least one each trip! They really are quite an experience! :happy:


I schedule most of my character meals for breakfast. Why you may ask? I get the first available seating at the restaurant which puts me in the park before it opens. I am done breakfast before the rope drop and have the ideal location for hitting the best rides first thing in the morning. This plan has worked for me for the last three years and I can’t see me changing it any time soon. I don’t do this for parks have EME and I never use EME…matter-of-fact, I avoid all EMH whenever possible. There is nothing magical about being in a crowded park to me. :angel:


We had started to hit a park early then have the last seating at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, about 10.45. We get loads of character attention and it is a great bruch! It is a nice break from the park and a lovely meal at the same time.


I think it would be very cool to do if you could schedule it before the park opens. I would love to be in there befoer it was packed ya know.


We always opt for the big breakfast and then we have a little lunch and a big late dinner but if we plan on a big lunch we eat at breakfast at the food court of the resort. Most times though it depends on our moods. It’s just DH and me so we don’t have to worry about kids.
A must do every year for us is breakfast at the Crystal Palace (not for the characters but we just love it there) and breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe at AK. I look forward to tonga Toast all year.


We enjoy having the character breakfasts. We don’t do it every day, but CP at MK and DB at Animal Kingdom are must dos for us. We always schedule the first seating of the day, and we are finished with breakfast before the rope drops in the parks. After a large breakfast, we eat a light lunch later in the day, and then have a TS dinner. That is what works for us. That said, we don’t eat a large breakfast everyday. Somedays we grab a bite to eat in the room or something from the food court.


For MK day, we plan to have coffee and juice in our hotel room, hit the park at rope down, do all the important Fantasyland rides commando style, and then relax for a late breakfast at CP with Winnie and the gang. Our ADR is for 10:30, so it’ll be more like brunch, with all that food enough to carry us over to dinner. PLus, sometimes they start bringing out lunch fare, so you have more options! For Epcot, we have early morning breakfast ADR with the princesses, so when we are done with that, it’ll be rope down for the rides!