Breakfast or Dinner at WHispering Canyon?


Which is better food and/or experience? We decided to try it this time, but I am not sure when would be better. DH decided he didn’t want a repeat of last time where i had all our meals planned and reservations everyday. I am only allowed to make a few reservations this time (it’s killing me can you tell?). Help please … and thank you for all your opinions. :slight_smile:


I vote for breakfast! It was yummy!:laugh::heart:


I don’t know which meal, but I know it’s important to ask for some ketchup while you are there! LOL


We liked dinner better than breakfast.


I would shoose dinner. It’s so much fun – a loud, friendly ruckus. I haven’t been there for breakfast, but my dinners there have always been a blast!


We’ve done breakfast and dinner there multiple times (and lunch once!); I struggle with breakfast and always end up getting the skillet. At dinner, I find more options. So… I’d opt for dinner.

Either way should be fun though!



We’ve not done breakfast and may or may not. We went for dinner in September and did not like it at all and doubt we will be back anytime in the near future.


I can only vote for dinner–it’s a real hoot! Just make sure you ask for a straw or ketchup (or make or take a cell phone call)!

I’m sure that breakfast is great as well.


I would go for Dinner over breakfast, it seems more fun, lots more going on! I think at breakfast people want to eat and then hit the parks!


I have only been there for breakfast and it was yummy! That said, I’d probably choose dinner next time!


I’m curious what you didn’t like. Was it the food, atmosphere, service?? More details, please.


1 word DINNER.