Breakfast: Spoodles or Cape May


For our last morning :crying: we like to do a big breakfast before flying out. We’ll be at the Beach Club. Was wondering if anyone has recommendations as to whether the Goofy’s Breakfast at the Beach Club is better or breakfast at Spoodles. I’m assuming it’s a short walk to Spoodles from the Beach Club.



I can’t comment on Cape May or BC eateries, but I can tell you that Spoodles does a wonderful breakfast.

It’s a fairly short walk from the Beach Club to Spoodles and if it’s raining, you can hop on a water shuttle agross the BW lagoon.


I’ve done both,and I much prefer Goofy’s Breakfast.(Nothing wrong with Spoodles,I just like the characters!!)


We LOVE Spoodles for breakfast. It is our last day tradition for breakfast now. It also gives up that one last walk around the Boardwalk prior to heading out. :frown:


Haven’t done Spoodles, but if you’re at the Yacht or Beach it’s a quick walk to Cape May and they have characters which Spoodles doesn’t. We’ll be doing Cape May for the first time in a few years this coming trip. Spoodles breakfast has been calling, but has never really gotten through. If you’re flying out, I’d save a few minutes and eat at the Beach before taking time and walking over to the Boardwalk anyway.


I argree with MM, Spoodles does a nice breakfast and its nice and laid
back. We have done CM several times and its fine but we are getting to
like a quieter Disney breakfast.


I am just suprised that Cavey hasn’t seen this thread yet. Just you wait until he does…the madness soon ensues! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: