Breakfast @ the Castle?


:confused: I am having a real brain freeze here!! I cannot remember how far out (how many days) do I have to call for priority seating at Cinderella’s Royal Table- 60 or 90??? Does anyone remember?? I know I have about 1 min. to get my call in that morning, I just cannot remember which day. My 90th day is coming soon, please help.
Thanks much.


I believe it is 90, but it maybe as far out as 120. Check me on that one.


it’s 90 days. use this website to get the exact date as to when you can call to make your PS. good luck on getting PS at CRT. it’s very difficult. but once you get it, it’ll make the anticipation for your trip even more exciting.


It’s 90 days out. And call at 6:55AM.


I agree with EmpressJenny, I started calling at 6:55 and used both my regular phone and my cell phone.


Good luck getting your ress. I am only 2 days away from trying to get ours.
Does anyone know the phone prompts to get straight to the cast member?
Please let us know the fastest way so we can all get our reservations.
Have a magical day!


I would call a day or two ahead and write down the phone prompts so that you have them for that morning.


90 days it is. Good luck. Definately call at 6:55 as everyone has suggested. Have you Credit card in hand becasue you need it to hold the PS. Enlist family or firends to help you out and if you don’t get it on the first day, try, try again until you do. Keep trying for cancellations…it does happen from time time. Good luck!

BTW: Welcome to Disney Central! :mickey: It’s a pleasure to have you with us.


im glad you asked this question PrincessD…i was a bit confused too as I had read on Allears that it was 90 days and in the Unofficial guide 2004 it states 60 days! I also read in there that when you get through to a cast member you must immediatley jump in there with " Cinderellas Table Breakfast for xxxx amount + date " before they have even had chance to finish their hello!!! IS this true also? Id feel really bad doin’ that :sad:
They do say that CM’s are used to it and totally understand and that once the reservation is booked you can make it up to them by being all friendly and non-aggressive but i still feel wierd about this? What do you guys think? does it really work ?

HUgs to all
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I’ve never had to be that aggressive…they know the first calls in the morning are going to be for Cinderella’s breakfast anyway. BTW, remember that they open at 7 am EASTERN time. You’ll need to adjust your calling time according to where you live. I usually set my alarm for 4:45am…that gives me time to actually wake up before I talk to another human being!


The Unoffical 2004 version was printed before WDW changed their policy . Their new 2005 version has the right information.


cool. Thanks for the info guys, you’ve been a big help. I have noted the day I need to call on my calendar and be sure ill be on the line at 6:55!!! :smile:


Thank you everyone!! Tragic 312, I did use the site and I will be sure to set my alarm that day!! I look forward to spending my birthday (40th) with Cinderella and Mickey!! Thank you again.