Breakfast @ WDW!


If you could only pick ONE place to eat for breakfast . . . where would it be?

My DDs and I just can’t decide-help needed! Tx. :heart:


I think I would have to pick Boma. I loved all their grainy dishes.


Definitely Boma for me!


Crystal Palace


Crystal Palce for me!!


Mmmmmmm…so many yummy choices!!
I have to pick Cinderella’s Royal Table, obviously the castle atmosphere and the princesses are the main draw…but oh the food…soooo yummy!!!


Crystal Palace is our favorite.


O’Hana…We love the pineapple bread!!


1900 Park Fare in the GF!


Akershaus. I love their potatoes!


We have only done breakfast at Chef Mickeys before, but this year our choice is Donald’s Safari Breakfast at the AK. So I guess that is our choice (though it is a first for us)


Main Street Bakery.:closedeye


Wow! You guys are the best! Thanks for the fast responses! :heart:

BOMA we did for Mother’s Day, and I don’t know if I hyped it too much in my mind, or the menu was different but I wasn’t impressed! :frown:

Crystal Palace: I’ve stayed away cuz of the bad reviews, has anyone gone recently?

Ohana’s: DD9 REALLY wants this place, but DD5 says “NO STITCH!” :pinch:

1900 Park Fare: We’ve never tried it . . . is breakfast with Cinderella, etc or is it with Mary Poppins and friends?

Akershaus: DD5 wants this!

Cinderella’s Royal Table: I only have 1 TS left

Donald’s Safari Breakfast: LUNCH was awesome here. Sadly we are not going to make it to AK this trip. (only a 2 night trip)

Well . . . I might just have to play dining roulette! :happy: Since I need the ressie for July 2nd . . . I’m kinda cutting it close on what is available! :laugh::blush:


I’m with your DD5-I don’t want to eat with Stitch either

I :heart: Akershaus, and so do both my DD’s

We haven’t done the breakfast at 1900 PF the last couple of trips, but the last time we did, it was Mary Poppins, Alice and the Mad Hatter, who was fabulous!! Sooo funny!

Good luck!:happy:


'Ohana followed by Akershaus


Akerhaus for breakfast is yummy!! (and my 5 yr old would pick it in a second esp since she got to meet cinderella and ariel there in may --last time they weren’t there at breakfast!)

But if it were between here and Chef Mickeys for DH he’d pick Chef Mickey’s – for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts… LOL And DD wouldn’t fight it either since its one of her favorite places to eat!


Breakfast is our family’s favorite meal and askingw hich is the best is like asking which child you like best- lol.

Here are our votes:

DW - 1900 Park Fare

DD - Crystal Palace

DS - Kona Cafe (Stuffed Tonga TOAST!!)

DDIL - Cinderella’s Royal Table (she’s a sucker for anything Cindy)

ME - (drum roll…) - Trail’s End buffet at Fort Wilderness Resort (a best-kept secret!)


:crying: none of these are available! I keep trying the online dining . . . may have to do lunch?


OK I can get this: Whispering Canyon Café at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Anyone ever do their breakfast buffet? The menu looks good!

(downloadable pdf files of menus! :heart: Disney)


For me its the Kona Cafe. It’s normally not overly crowded, great breakfast selection, terrific coffee, and convenient to transporation. It is a great way to begin the day.