What do you guys do for breakfast every morning when you’re at WDW?

We love breakfast and usually just end up eating at our resort’s food court every morning (because we can’t wait to get to the parks!)

We would like to try some new things this trip…any suggestions?


We keep it simple most days and eat a snack in the room while we are getting ready. We pack PopTarts, cereal bars, and some crackers and that keeps everyone happy most days. We try to do at least one character breakfast each trip and if we are at WL we go to Whispering Canyon once for breakfast.


We usually have a Character Breakfast one day then the next 2/3 mornings we will get something at the food court, then repeat this process again throughout the vacation. There is always so much choice ( esp when we stay at POR) and we find eating Brekkie here so relaxing and a nice part of our vacation.


I like an occassional character meal. My favorite one is crystal palace. They have the best variety IMHO


If it’s not a scheduled character breakfast, it might be the food court or cereal in the room.


We’re kinda past Character Meals. Loved them when our kids were small - now its other kids turn. Because we stay in the DVC villas we always eat breakfast in our room. Something light. Cereal, eggs, toast, and coffee, coffee, coffee, unless we’re scheduled for Animal Kingdom where I must go to Tusker House for a sticky bun. Sometimes I’ll eat breakfast AND the sticky bun. And I won’t say “no” to the Main Street Bakery…


Good plan, except my DD’s won’t give up on character meals–and they’re 16 and 27!


:laugh: I was thinking about all of those, llama.
Is Tusker House good for breakfast?

And Dana…we are doing CP for breakfast this time - for the first time! I am so excited about that one.

Anybody know how the Boardwalk Bakery is?


We do a character breakfast or two (Crystal Palace booked for May, Cape May booked for October), have breakfast at the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom one day (this is our favorite breakfast!!), order room service on our sleep-in day (if we’re in a deluxe)–usually waffles, and the other days we just grab breakfast in the parks or go without. We usually have at least one early lunch booked, so those days sometimes we just wait to eat.


We usually mix it up with a character breakfast or two and the food court at whatever resort we are in. In May we are staying at SS and plan on just bringing cereal and light breakfast foods to eat in the room. We saved all of our Dining Plan sit-down options for dinners! :wub:


I can’t waste precious morning time on breakfast!

Except for the first day, I have leftovers from the night before… often dessert… that I’ll eat some portion of for breakfast. DH doesn’t eat breakfast. (Don’t get me started.)

When DS5 is with us, we’ll do one character breakfast. Other than that, I plan to bring fruit cups, applesauce, breakfast bars that he can eat in the room before we get going.


I’ll do one or two character meal per trip. The other days I eat at the resort food court, or at the park we’re visiting that day. Once in a while I’ll make a special trip to another resort, just to eat breakfast there.

I never eat breakfast in my room. I eat breakfast at home every morning before work when I’m home. When I’m on vacation, I want to feel like I’m on vacation, and part of that is eating out.


Tusker House sticky buns bring tears to my eyes. :crying: The danish and cinnamon buns are amazing too. Ditto the Boardwalk Bakery. In fact, there isn’t a bakery at WDW that I don’t love.


Forgot to say, my girls die for the Hawaiian bread at O’Hanas!


:laugh: You sound like my soul sister! I love bakeries.

That’s how I am, too.

Thanks for that…that’s what I want to hear - everybody’s favorites!!!


We usually do one character breakfast, the rest of the time it’s stuff that we bring with us-granola bars, cereal, bagels,etc.


We generally do buffets for breakfast and of course most of those have characters. This last trip because we weren’t on a meal plan, we took more advantage of the concierge lounge breakfasts to tide us over until late morning for, you guessed it, the last seatings of character buffets. When you compare the cost of an omlet or waffle with some sort of side and coffee, the cost of a buffet isn’t much more and you only have to tip 10% not 20% like a full service sit down. For the record, we is two middle age adults without children.


We usually either grab something at the counter service in the hotel or something fast at the park (Starring Rolls at MGM is a favorite). This works for us because most trips are quick weekenders.

If we’re going to be at WDW for a longer vacation we’ll do at least one sit down breakfast. Last trip we had the buffet at Boma and it was fabulous! :wub: For our June trip we’re planning to try Chef Mickey’s for the first time.


I absolutely LOVE the Tonga Toast at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort! Topped off with a steaming pot of Kona coffee, and I’m pretty much set for a while! :tongue: :heart:

And I love those Mickey Waffles that most of the resorts have at their breakfast buffets! :wink:


We also usually do at least one character breakfast, and one stop at the food court breakfast.