So we are doing the deluxe Dining Plan this year and have decided there is no way we could eat three sit down meals a day so we want to do breakfasts and dinners. We have only done a few breakfasts at Disney, So what are your top five breakfasts at Disney. Table service please!:laugh:


Kona Cafe
Boma******** LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE*********
Chef Mickey’s (just cause you have to)
Cape May Cafe


We are not big on breakfast so the ONLY one we have ever done is the character breakfast at the Poly. We have done that every time and really enjoyed eveything about it. I have heard people say the charaters don’t spend much time at the tables, but we have never had that happen to us.

  1. Cape May
  2. Akershaus
  3. Crystal Palace (although, I’ve heard it’s gone down hill:frown:)
  4. Chef Mickey’s
  5. O’hana


I have only ever tried Boma and I LOVED it!


Chef Mickeys
Kona Cafe

Love all of these!

We really want to try Boma for breakfast too!!


Boma, Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Fare, Chef Mickey’s, and Cape May Cafe.
Here’s a tip for the deluxe plan, when making reservations, plan as many 2 credit signature restaurants as possible. This way, you will use three credits many days while only stuffing two meals into your bellies and still getting good value for your dollar. Remember that you’ve still got two snacks per day as well to tide you over between breakfast and dinner.


Would anyone like to hear my run down of anticipated ADR’s?


We haven’t done very many breakfasts. We enjoyed the Trail’s End buffet for breakfast, though. We’d love to hear you ADR’s.


Would love to hear it. We are thinking of the same thing. Character breakfast and signature dinner for deluxe dining. Would love to hear what ADRs you’re thinking of to compare notes!


YES!!! I love seeing what people have planned. We are doing the deluxe too I feel like all we will be doing is eating!


These are only anticipated, they are not set in stone.
First day we are getting there late and DH’s favorite restaurant is O’hanas so we will be dining there the first night
Day 2 breakfast at Hollywood and Vine and Dinner at Brown Derby
Day 3 breakfast at Askershus and dinner at LeCellier
Day 4 breakfast at Crystal Palace and dinner at CRT
Day 5 breakfast at Tusker House, lunch at Yak and Yeti and dinner at our hotel restaurant Shutters
Day 6 Breakfast at Chef Mickeys and dinner at Coral Reef
Day 7 Food court late breakfast dinner at Hoop Dee Doo
Day 8 breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and dinner at Sci fi
All done!
We will still have 4 meals left that I will have to try and fit in somewhere…
All food trip, lol. DH wants to do it once before DD is officially a Disney Adult.

  1. Boma
  2. Tusker House
  3. O’Hanas
  4. Crystal Palace
  5. 1900 Park Fare



The DW and I had heard some bad things about Tusker House , We still decided to go and it was awesome. We can’t say enough about the cast members who helped us there.


We don’t do too many breakfast but the ones we love are Ohanas and cape may


Kona is amazing…yummm…Tonga Toast!!


1)Crystal Palace
2)Chef Mickey’s
3)Cape May
5)The Boardwalk Bakery, but not because of the fun but because they have a cheesecake brownie that I could seriously eat myself to death with, had it for breakfast the last time we went, and Oh Em Gee is all I can say.


Chef Mickey’s (for the atmosphere, not the food!)