BREAKING and GREAT Highschool Musical News


Highschool Musical is now officially Disney Channel’s best movie of all time drawing in 7.7 Million fans when it has come on.(WOOT!) It’s soundtrack is now topping the charts on pop! YAY FOR DISNEY
Article from AOL:

Why They’re Hot: These new teen idols helped make ‘Musical’ the Disney Channel’s most successful movie ever, drawing 7.7 million fans on its debut broadcast. The show’s soundtrack then rocked the grown-up world by topping the pop chart.



Coming Attraction: The whole gang goes back to ‘School’ for the sequel, which begins filming this year.


Can I just say my DS is obsessed with this movie! My sister and I had a little “party” for the kids when it premeired and now we have watched it about 10 times! My DS is in love with basketball and he likes the “Get Your Head in the Game” sequence the best. I downloaded a few songs from this onto my Ipod to listen to in the car and last night my DH bought the CD at Toys R Us and it has played all night! Everyone in my family knows all the words to all the songs! :tongue: I think it is such a cute movie and I really enjoy watching it and singing along! My favorite is “What I’ve Been Looking For”. We are also obsessed with Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! :ninja: :heart:


Oh yes THAT IS THE BEST SONG EVER IN THE MOVIE! I have “What I’ve been looking” for as a ringer :slight_smile:


Ok, I am going to admit that I have not seen this yet. I keep seeing the previews, but it looked so cheesey. Now you have piqued my curiosity and I am going to have to watch it. I think Raven is great!


And here I thought it was just our family that MUST watch these shows every night. DS loves them all and constantly is using lines from each show. His latest thing is to walk around doing the cabbage patch dance, shaking his butt going “pushover pushover” (Raven fans will know the episode that is from). He also loves H.S. Musical. He sings and dances every time he hears a song from the movie.

DS wasnt able to stay up for the premiere of Hannah Montana last week but it is on tonight at an earlier time so he is excited about it. Love these disney shows!


"This feelings like no other, I want you to know… "
“So lonely before I finally found that you were right beside me”

Doot- doo doo doo Doot-doo doo doo whooo-ah-ah-ah-ah

Yes- I have seen it with my daughter - we had a nice mother daughter night. She will love to hear that there is a new one coming!



Yeah… it’s cheesy. Typical Disney live-action movie - boring plot and bad acting. I saw parts of it… I’d gouge my eyes out if I had to watch the whole thing. :pinch:

But apparently, that’s just me… :glare:


it was pretty bad and in the end the mean girl just is all of a sudden nice with no explaination and you never get to see the musical… Duh- isnt that what the movie was about??? But my 8 year old sings the songs all the time and so does my 10 year old (who hates singing by the way) so I guess it is great to them.



It’s not just you!! I have listened to it about a million times because my kids won’t stop watching it! I don’t like it at all. I did buy them the soundtrack because I thought they would stop watching the movie so much but it didn’t help. Maybe I need some advice from Dr Cavey?? :tongue:


Hehehe!! I think we should have a Kippage rating system on DC. You could keep us all in check, so we know when we have completely stepped over the line into the uncool realm. :angel:

I just might send you my kitchen info for your opinion. I’d love to know what you think of my choices!


:eek: The horror! Advice from Dr. Cavey??? :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
even I can laugh at that one…





We have the soundtrack and it has 2 karaoke tracks at the end. My DD sings these pretty much nonstop. I will tell her about the sequel, she’’ be thrilled! Did they say when to expect it to come out??


thanks for the info i love high school Musical and dance-along, sing-a-long:mickey:


Disney wants to get it out and done next fall at the quickest. If that doesn’t work then I think it will be a little later in the year.